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Excellent learning curve

Most days at the office is very nervy and stressful as the manager has a stiff attitude and very vulgar way of dealing with certain situations. The co workers are amazing people with each to its own character. In being at the company I have learnt a lot about appreciating the smaller things as it is only once you break a zip before you know the value of it. I enjoyed dealing and getting to know in depth of the clothing industry. The biggest challenge I would say is having to short of a day at the office to fit everyone in with having to handle sales as well as order placing as well as loading the trucks and documenting everything that gets loaded and then still plan routes for drivers and off load once driver gets back

Pros: great opportunity for travel as well as benefits of knocking off at 14h30 on a friday and no weekends
Cons: long working hours, verbal management,

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Excellent learning

I enjoy working dependability and unsupervised, i know my job duties very well and i am a team player, friendly person. I am flexible working extra hours and over time when necessary. I have a good relationship with co-workers, i have learnt that i must respect people so that they will respect me. I am an intelligent worker, fast learners taking responsibility of my work. I am good in training new employees . The most challenging aspects is to keep reminding other people to do their work and the poor communication .

Pros: Great opportunity for developing skills
Cons: normal hours

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