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I have learned a lot about being a leader, creating fresh content.

The programmes manager and the team I worked with at the time had faith in me trying something new. I have thus grown immensely in my position, learning how to better lead my team. YFM is the kind of company that gives you space and time to grow in your craft and perfect it. I have great respect for my boss, who has been a mentor and leader and taught me how t better lead my team. I have become a lot more creative and have been given creative freedom. My co-workers aren't always easy to work with, but I have learned to work well with them and make a great show happen. In my role, I not only work with the presenters, but the digital team, sales, and marketing team to create content-driven towards the clients we have. I love how I can dabble in the different departments and am open to seeing how my work as content producer co-relates with the other departments in the industry. It does get challenging to balance one part of my job and all the others, but it's given me faith to keep going.

Pros: Creating content, and working with a professional team
Cons: waking up early, and sleeping late, having to be a leader sometimes working with difficult people, not having people want to use your content

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Excellent experience earned

My work includes being involved in event marketing on digital platforms, writing and producing content and working on paid brand campaigns to create copy and advise on imaging. The work environment is welcoming and the management not dictating. The culture is free and fun, social yet hardworking

Pros: Great on the ground events experience
Cons: No remuneration for weekend/ after hours work. No provision for working outside of the office.

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