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Excellent learning curve

Working amongst children within the art class is the most pleasant aspect about my job. My relationship with my co-workers are strictly professional, and the kids are a different story. I have gained alot of hands on experience within the class, guiding learners to become better at their passions, and that's what I love most about what I do.

Pros: Experience opportunities, fun class sessions, Ablility to do what I love
Cons: Earn too little to be able to save up.

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Excellent learning curve

I work at Yellowwood Primary school as an office administrator for a leanership, Monday to Friday. Work i usually do for the day i receive phone calls and transfer them, i do typing, filling record and assist children in class sometimes. My relationship with my employer and colleges is good. I have learnt many thing about me even about technology because it's my first thing working after Grade 12, and i enjoy working with people and working with computer and discovering new thing. For this month i've worked in Yellowwood there is no challenging for now.

Pros: Great opportunity for promotions
Cons: Long working hours

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