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It was great learning experiences to work for my previous employer

I was taught a great deal at my previous employer.working in a team.working individualy.learning how to handle customers walk ins ans via telecommunication.being able to do stock counts and assisting auditors in warehouse where needed.helping reps and customers with their orders and complaints and making sure all their demands are met.i am a quick learner and was also taught to invoice out orders bulk and singles.packing and processing making sure orders was out in time for delivery.also fixed broken spare parts and supplied customers with their needs.all stock not availble had to be ordered by the suppliers when ot arrived i had to check quote and process them out to the customers

Pros: i started working at the bottom in the tagging department worked myself up to be supervisor of warehouse and then promoted to spares department
Cons: it was never about the amount of hours .that sacrifise was easy.it was the love of the job

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Excellent learning curve

I have learnt alot on twith working under pressure and managed to meet given tasks on the exact date time management skills and always get to work on time i have patiently in assisting the customers regards to explain theioier quiries on the resturned goods

Pros: none
Cons: 12hours

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Interskill advantages

Working for Yellow Zebra has been been a great mind challenge and giving the ability to explore new adventures and ideas but it doesn't grow or motivate you as an employee as the hard work of each and every individual is not recognized,it just needs the work to be done without considering employees.I have learnt quite few programmed while I was there of which will help me to explore the knowledge in the future but I wouldn't regret leaving the job.

Pros: Learning everyday
Cons: No recognition

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