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Great field for Electronics

I believe that it's a great smart company, with good stuff at the workplace. The employees are hard workers, who work efficiently simply because they are willing to even work overtime. I learned a lot at Yekani Manufacturing.

Pros: Accommodate females and males
Cons: You can work overtime on weekends

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Excellent in managing time and Quality

Its a good company interms of production and managing to work under pressure. It is also good on the electronics side. Its also good interms of communication with other workers. I have learnt that even though we worked with production but Quantity means nothing if there's no Quality. . I found everything easy and straight forward as i am already a quick working candidate.

Pros: Great facility in understanding electronics.
Cons: Long hours for example having to work 12 hours a day

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Amazing start to the working world

SMT Rework Technician On a daily basis I would have to repair faulty PCB's (Printed Circuit Boards). Fault finding using schematic drawings and prepare a daily fault report to log the work I do. The work environment is good, very person gets along. We've had employees that have worked for the company for over 20 even 30 years. One gentleman who I have worked with closely since joining the organisation, he's name is Alan. There's a lot of information I have learnt from my him. I joy working with the more experienced coworkers. You get to learn more than you expected. I have learnt how to use different fault finding techniques. For example, isolating the circuit to find where the fault might lie. Another is soldering. The challenges I faced was transport getting to work. The biggest challenge was there's no direct way to talk to management to help you do your job better and correctly.

Pros: Working with experienced professionals
Cons: No proper communication channels between management and employees

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Excellent learning

I was inserting small parts onto motherboards and solder them.I did inpection before testing the motherboards and make sure every value from each part used is correct.I aslo learnt how to pack them,it was a great experience working with a group because whenever you lack somewhere you ask and get to know more about every work we did daily.

Pros: Great opportunity the experience I have
Cons: Standing for full eight hours

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Excellent learning journey

I am a fast learner as the student at Yekani Manufacturing , I managed to adapt to the working environment , I have learned a lot of thing and I have worked in different departments because of my dedication,time management, working under pressure and communication. I did Soldering , Matching Operater , testing P160 boards on the JIGs and programming them , I also worked at the production line , I like learning new things and being challenged.

Pros: Great work experience
Cons: 8hours

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Excellent in learning curve

Working at at Yekani Manufacturing Company was great as a intern everyday I got a opportunity to learn a new things now , I was doing Soldering , programming and Inserting components it was a great working experience. The workers were great people to work with.

Pros: Great opportunity for promotion
Cons: Great working hours

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Growing as person

Worthing at Yekani helped me to grow as person. I have learnt on how to handle pressure and meet strict deadlines. Attention to detail and also voicing out my viewsg a

Pros: Working with a great team allow willing to share ideas
Cons: Location and scarcity of public transport

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Good Learning Curve

It's always a busy day requiring a lot of effort and mostly technical skills, fast decisions making and leadership skills. It's a good company to learn new things and requires a lot of focus and dedication even though the salary may be low.

Pros: Opportunity for promotion
Cons: Long work hours

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Learning curve

It is a great experience to work at Yekani though most of the time we go to lay off .working as a team is what ive learnt and working indepedently with out supervision and meeting targets.

Pros: Great to gain knowledge and experience
Cons: No chances of growing

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Good company to work for

Good company. Fourth industrial tevolution compliant. Company with good prospects. Good coleagues, who are willing to give help when asked.Good management and people willing to pass information. Good company benefits.

Pros: Great opportunity for promotion
Cons: Normal working hours

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