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Team player

Working in retail help me to build confidence and taught me the importance of customers loyalty. What I enjoy most is helping customers .The challenging part is that you have to keep quit when customers have attitude towards you because customers are always right .My I have a great relationship with my colleagues

Pros: Great opportunities for promotion
Cons: Long working hours

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I'm trustable nd reliable

I love to learn. Retail is my passion. Also working with staff. I've worked with many types of staff. At the moment o have 10 Xhosa staff members. I'm never late and can work late hours. I stay with my bf and have no responsibilities. My kids stay on their own. I manage the store the stock the staff the finances and also payroll. I enjoy my job. I always do it first time rite. Im always positive..

Pros: I'm looking for greater oppertunity. As there's no benefits in this company
Cons: The erea I work in is in mfuleni

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Starting point

I am overworked and under paid I have a good relationship with my colleagues Management does not value us We are treated like nothing and all our hard work are for nothing

Pros: Growing my client database on a dailybases
Cons: Overworked and under paid

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