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Versatile environment

Supervise Artisans. Improve processes. Manage Pares. Control Contractors.. Trouble shoot mechanical and electrical.. Organize pm's.. Machine modifications and documentation....

Pros: Dynamic industry,. Always exposed to different challenges..
Cons: Long hours

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It requires teamwork and we work 3 different shifts from 06:00am

It is a great company to work for. There certain people who are fortunate to get promotion and given a chance to train in Europe. I can say employees are happy but the working shifts are very strainous as sometimes we work more than 16 hours per day.

Pros: One could get promotion
Cons: Night shift

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Hand skills

I work at the camera station, checking if all the parts have been correctly fitted if not I take the part to the re-work station The most aspect of my job is passing the part with a wrong part to the customer cause you can lose your job by doing that.

Pros: We have to apply for a certain possition
Cons: We work 8 hours per day more than that is an overtime

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My Personality

Working for my company is a challenge, working with people is the challenge as they always keeping you on your toes every day. That is the most part of my job i enjoy the most. Working with people you have to have self- respect and respect for your co-workers irrespective of age, gender, group, colour or culture. Respect is a two way thing, you give and you gain it back. Be firm and consistant when dealing with people, be hands on and walk the talk. What you want people to perceive about yourself depends on you, handle them the way you would like to be treated. You definetly receive a positive outcome and persuade them easly to comply.

Pros: SHE Manager
Cons: Flexible suit any kind of environment and working hours

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