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Fast pace work environment

Fast pace work environment, working under great pressure, team development, admin, store openings, store ordering, background implementations, training, traveling between stores. Insuring high standards are met, store visits with operations managers, launches of concepts. Team meetings, resolving staff queries. Upgrading store equipment, maintaining of vehicles and other company assets. Team building, and year functions

Pros: Business benefits,
Cons: Excessive traveling, unable to grow further, work over christmas period, invest alot of own personal time.

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Having to stay focused and being accurate

I have to be focused and accurate as well as alert and open minded at all times. I work in a team on a daily basis so we have to plan together and communicate at all times. Working as a cash desk consultant means working with people and that means serving others with whole heartedness and giving them the service and quality that a customer deserves. Great customer service. I've learned to be patient with customers and listen to their needs. I enjoy helping customers. When customers have complaints and they tend to take it out on the face of the company which are all cash desk consultants we ate taught to be a customers punching bag its not easy but it feels good to understand the needs of someone else.

Pros: great opportunity for promotions
Cons: working long hours

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I worked with amazing people who love life and friendly as well , working there it didnt feel like at work it was like im with my family doing some daily chores at home, everyone knew what was expected of them , what was challening about my job was dealing with difficult customers and those days when we had extre 25 per cent sale because i just knew that we are going to be offline at some point and customers didn't understand that, but all in all i loved working there with the people i worked with, u believe a life time relationship was build.

Pros: You get to learn a lot
Cons: If you work at the till point you job is on the line

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Excellent learning curve

I enjoy working at truworths,as i get to see many people with different characters.I have a very good relationship with my collegues and sometimes we share ideas on our work.I have learned to be calm with customeres,how to do merchandising,fashion deliveries when the customers dont get sizes in our store.The most challenging aspects about the job its when we have visitors like the CEO coming to the store unannounced, because we have to make sure that the store looks visually appealing in such a short notice.

Pros: When you work for Truworths company you get opportunities of becoming a permenent from perm you become a supervisor,then a manager after you become an area manager.
Cons: I usually go extramile with my work eg when its my time to knock off and theres no one whose going to close the store or the person that i was working suddenly got sick then i extramile i close the store

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Learnt alot

I enjoyed my time at truworths, not only did i grow in experience but as a person as well, thanks to a loving and supportive team which you can not only teach but learn from, under the guidance of a experienced and dedicated manager, I learnt so much including people skills, problem salving, how to work under pressure and so much more.

Pros: opportunity to learn new skills
Cons: low wages

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Customer Service

Applying reasonable instructions from management, I'm more active at the sales floor were I drive sales above daily targets as possible as I can. Stock loss prevention is my biggest priority. I give my co-workers the knowledge, trainings and information that I know it will help them to do well at work. I've learned how to work with people, being a team player, a leader, morals, people skills, merchandising and how sensitive customers are in my daily basics. I enjoy helping people because nothing is healthier than blessings. The challenge is not able to give enough customer service due to staff availability at the floor. (Trying to balance the floor)

Pros: Learning campany madules
Cons: 7days in

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Excellent learning curve

I would like to introduce myself as a candidate for the Debt Collector position that your company advertised yesterday on the website I have the ability to listen, persuade, and negotiate, whilst at the same time building trust with the customer. I can also be relied upon to make a sincere commitment to meet the debtor’s needs at the highest level, every time. My accumulated experiences enable me to negotiate payment and settlement terms with those who have fallen behind on their financing payments. However, my real expertise lies in my ability to analyse credit reports, loan histories and financial records to come up with suggestions for establishing payment plans.

Pros: great opportunity to learn more
Cons: long working hours with no tea time

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Multi task it's my daily role and extra mile it's my idea and I like challenges and learning New things on everything I do achievement and mid the business philosophy and goals wth values

Pros: get to know values and goals of my futies
Cons: extra mile

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Excellent customer service

My name is lawyer makhubane and i am 29 years of age,currently i am working at truworths as service desk consultant..serving customers,opening new accounts and also do follow ups about their odering requests,doing also morning workers whch is filling day before working documents updating our board where u can see our daily targets n monthly targets

Pros: great opportunity abt our promotions n sales
Cons: long working hours

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Traing supervisor

Start my day at times 8_5 depending on my shift. Do morning work,sorting day before spikes and returns and refund dockets. Do print out verify if I got supporting dockets and file it do banking sheets fill tgemout and put it safe till banking comes. Do morning checks on safe and take devices and empty spike to the main desk open all systems check if any dockets were left behind. Count flaot and do lunch schedule. Then print out morning meeting figure at 8:45 morning meeting starts. We do coverage and oparation starts at 9. I enjoy do administration it keeps me on my feet and fix where in lacking. Whan its a slow day coz it will be hard to make target and when we short staff and we have a have a busy day .

Pros: Trianing for supervisor
Cons: Late shift coz I stay far

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