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Excellent customer service

I am a service desk consultant,dealing with difficult customer every day,providing good customer service,making payments and purchases for customers,opening new accounts.i am a team worker willing to learn,attending training in our store,willing to grow..

Pros: great opportunity abt our promotions n sales
Cons: long working hours

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Admin,running the store security aweness

I m a hard worker, I do merchandising so that very time the store look visual appealing.I go extra miles a do excellent customer service. I coach and develop people, also conduct trainings.handling money when it go out. Supervise stock when it come in and receive stock.

Pros: to manage bigger stores
Cons: 9hours

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Great learning curve

Working at truworths has taught me the importance of teamwork. It has taught me how to be patient and I learned new things that I didn't know about myself which is always having a smile and providing a great customer service. Helping people to match their clothes has been really amazing.

Pros: Permanent job
Cons: Normal working hours

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Excellent driven

Working at truworths is enjoyable but the management doesn't treat other people correct but I can say I enjoy working there because I felt it was like my second home. And what I enjoyed most there when I open account for customers and also when customer acknowledged my best customer service towards them and I'm proud of myself

Pros: none
Cons: extra mile

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Learning how to deal with people from all walks of life

dealing with people, considering each individual has their own personality therefore at times you have consider them to accommodate their needs but also maintain your own morals and values

Pros: builds confidence
Cons: working hours takes awat from your personal life

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Got good experience

Truworths has teach me a lot because I started there not knowing what to do and they give me a change to express my self in a different way and the company teach us about customers service and how to look after our clients and respect them and they must respect us too.working in truworths it was great me and my co-works the relationship was fabulous and it was like working with my brothers & sisters.The management was great as well and very supportive at all times. Everyday went I enter I clock in and count my float after I clean where I work then I wait for consumers if the is no one at the moment I go and help in other departments.I was working at the cash desk.what I have enjoy is when is ace time cause we where wining lots of prices even money was included.The most challenging moments it's when you find a difficult consumer who doesn't what to hear the procedure of the company and he / she wants something and they can't get that due to the procedures.

Pros: Learned a lot about customersservice
Cons: It was normal hours 9-6 not everyday

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I'm capable of learning anything new.

I learned that working as team is a key I most definitely like working with people around Deadline pressure Administration work Coming up with new ideas in the work place.

Pros: Any opportunity is appreciated
Cons: 12 hours maximum

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Excellent learning curve

Built a lot of experience at work and also have a very good relationship with my co-workers......................................................................................................................................................................

Pros: Great for a start
Cons: On your feet the whole day

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Who I am and what I have learnt

I am workaholic, Self motivated, confident and competent person with ability to work hard and assertive. I believe that nothing is impossible through hard work and dedication and I am so friendly everybody loves me there,they said I make a very good team working and since I've been with Truworths I have learnt lot of things for example: Giving customers the best services, Team work , knowing the systems and also how to build relationships with others every time when I am not at work I really miss my colleagues and they also miss me. and I always make sure that i do my whole work of the day before I knock off

Pros: No1 retailer in South Africa
Cons: 10 hours

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Since I have been with the company I have learn a lot of things

I think that I'm now well groomed with retail I have a knowledge of many things what I need is a company that will appreciate my in put by not under paying me

Pros: It a bit of a stepping stoan
Cons: Long hours and under payed

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