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Great learning curve

Working at truworths has taught me the importance of teamwork. It has taught me how to be patient and I learned new things that I didn't know about myself which is always having a smile and providing a great customer service. Helping people to match their clothes has been really amazing.

Pros: Permanent job
Cons: Normal working hours

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Pleasant work environment

Working at truworths has been a pleasure. The atmosphere is amazing and so are my colleagues. Everyone is friendly and always open to learning and sharing (one of our values). Our management team is very professional and always encourage us to do our best in the tasks at hand.

Pros: Improved my knowledge on administration
Cons: Long hours. Not satisfied with the pay

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Good communication skill

IAM very young vibrant energetic good communication skill.since I started working for truworth 2007 i have expirince how client are very important .I have achieve a lot with the company being cited by Outstanding costomer service by Truworths ceo was wonderful I will love to work for your company bring a very good costomer service inviroment and iam willing to learn from others. The most chalenging about the my job is when I have to make a client about our police and procedure that we need to follow.

Pros: greatoportunity
Cons: work under pressure

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Im quick leaner im quick to grap new i deas .and alwys looking for growthbin the busness or company

Im good interms of following the company regulations thts keep me going all the time i alwys willing to learn and share and also i invest in future pontetial ,as wel as trust and respect each n every one.

Pros: working for the company will expose in defferent wrk culture ,and i will be able to meet their standard, to peform at requeired standard.
Cons: i will use all information or tools to peforme at high level .

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Excellent customer service

Been in company for 3years I've learnt good customer service and admin skills good relationship with my colleagues and performing manegemantal duties in her absence

Pros: Good interpersonal skills
Cons: Not enough money

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I was groomed by the company

I had the previllage of joining the company as a casual & worked my way up to became permanent,passing that to become a store SUPERVISER then to become a store manager.I believe in grooming & also equiping your team with training to gain knowledge to deliver excellent level of service.Motivation also play a very high role in building an oil running team.I am a hardworker & i lead by example.

Pros: exceptionally customer service
Cons: flexable working hours

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Its a learning curve

I am still a casual but it is a learning curve i would say.and there are not many opportunities that really present themselves to us in that case i would say its not all the time you get an opportunity to apply for a post in the company and you actually get an interview for it so it is tough but a great opportunity to learn responsibility.

Pros: Not as such
Cons: Reasonable

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Eye opening experience in the world of retail

Bieng a beauty consultant at Truworths element included duties such a bieng accountant-able for all stock in the department. It also consisted of generating a certain smooth of sales to meet the daily target. Bieng a beauty consultant also incorporates dealing with customers 70% of the time and advising them on products which are suitable for their skin needs.

Pros: Gaining work experience and acquiring an insight in the beauty industry.
Cons: Long working hours while standing

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I adapt very well always going an extra mile un what ever task given to me. self motivated

I work in a company that want they are employees to grow emotional and professional . I work with a happy team I also make sure that I tell them there there is nothing impossible. And every employee must know what are the function or task of the other employee so if one is not at work the show will go on

Pros: account top acchiever
Cons: long working hours

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Excellent customer service

Been with the company for 3years leaner great customer service and even obtained Nqf level 2 retail and wholesale learnership, Been acting Manager for a year in absence of Store Manager great communication with staff

Pros: Great customer service
Cons: Green pastures

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