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Not enough working hours per week

I have been planned to work a shift that gives me 8 hours a week..Every Saturday 11 till 3 and Sunday 11 till 3...that is 8 hours a week which is 32 hours a month and that leave me with a bare minimum salary which I feel is unfair as other colleagues are getting 20 to 30 hours a week

Pros: Great company with global recognition
Cons: Less working hours min pay

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It has been a great learning curve

The company had made me a better person in terms of leading my team. The company that I work for expect The best . and you best is always seen by how you team is trained and how they behave in your absence. And working in retail you have to let you imotions not to show because you came across lot of defferent people and customers.

Pros: the company groomes you well so you can be a better leader
Cons: we work long hours

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Excellent learning curve

**Do house keeping before the shop opens. **Assist customers get that right dress or suit that is in trend so you must be aware of your surroundings. **Do account payments. **Do returns and purchases. **Do filing of receipts **Housekeeping and close the shop.

Pros: Great opportunity to learn how to handle difficult situations
Cons: No stable income

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I have worked with different companies such as platinum promoters and expanding brands .i have been a promoter almost 2years now because at truworths i work as a casual staff. I have a drivers license code 10 ,i'm stil studying Business management in Damelin durban city a,it my 2nd year and hopefully by next year i'l be doing my 3rd year. I jst want to grow in a big company learn alot of stuff and if i get employed is to make sure my work get recognized and also contribute my knowledge and skills and add growth in the business. I'm very a hard workin person and i can convince any person to buy any product and offer good customer service.

Pros: To get promotion
Cons: Long workin hours

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Excellent learning,typing skills,admin and banking

They lots of work i do in truworths i deal with customers every day comunicate and make sure they happy,we work as a team work we love and respect each other,iv learnt somuch how to deal with customers and how to do admin,i enjoy helpng a customer n typing some file works at admin,challanging is when we were introduce to the new security and he had isures he neva smiles that was hard for me

Pros: Admin
Cons: 40 hours

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Open to learn and share

I am an amiable hardworking individual who strives to perform all tasks set before me to the best of my ability . I welcome new experiences and I am always willing to learn and accept new challenges and perform extremely well under pressure . I believe that my ability to work equally as an individual and as a team player makes me an asset to your company .

Pros: looking for great opportunity
Cons: flexi hours

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Road to discovery

working with customers is an exciting challenge, whereby one has to make sure that customers are satisfied at the end of the day, we met different customers on a daily basis where we have to offer individual customer service to each of the customers. my relationship with my co-workers is excellent whereby we respect each other and making sure we follow the rules and procedures of the company. I have learned numerous this with this company such as costumer service, good communications skills, team work, excellent telephone etiquette, I have also worked in various departments such as the cash desk, fine jewelry, Truworths men, Daniel Hector awel as in the administration office. I mostly enjoy working together with my colleagues the most challenging aspects of this job is deal with conflict situation and dealing with customer service, but with great professionalism, this is nothing impossible. thank you very much.

Pros: great opportunity to network
Cons: up normal working hours, long term growth

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My experience and knowldge gained during my 4 years service at Truworths.

It is a wonderful experience to work at Truworths , the most important skill one can aqquire by working in a retail enviroment is the skill of customer service, you learn how to interact well with people which also requires patience and endurance since you work with people from different backrounds , i have learned a lot including filling , working with cash and being cautious when working with cash as well as handling day to day queries and complaints by customers . The most challenging aspects is when given a certain target or turnover to reach, whether it could be daily , weekly or monthly , as employees we are supposed to work at our best and make sure we reach the given target of sales , its positively motivating though to have reached the given target and that's what makes it more excting and one can feel more of an asset than a liability to the irganisation.

Pros: performing at your best even underpressure
Cons: Salary not satisfactory

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Excellent learning curvey and grooming

Working as a telemarketer increasing creditlimit on exsting customer accounts, doing customer service surveys and all taking inbound calls where by customers will be sent smses and if they are interested in increasing the credit limit they will be connected with a callxentre agent and the creditlimit will be increased then telephonical.or a customer can request a account card from us or to change details on the account such as adress and contact details

Pros: none
Cons: none

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Good customer service

My job description is a very challenging position in terms of working long hours,work and helping with different types of people and customers. I real love to work under pressure because I know my self I am highly organised to my job ,like to balance things at the right time .And I am very good with point of views and solving peoples problem and a very responsible person. A team work is very important without it nothing will flow easily, were I'am coming from team work and communication is good key for the success of the business,I priorities my work very much.Now I am currently doing office admin and secretary course which is I really enjoy it because this course is all about work with good skills and communication skill with management and be highly organised at all times.

Pros: Willing to go extra mile ,learning from challenges and grow in Business.
Cons: I am very reliable person so available at any time.

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