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Excellent learning curve

**Do house keeping before the shop opens. **Assist customers get that right dress or suit that is in trend so you must be aware of your surroundings. **Do account payments. **Do returns and purchases. **Do filing of receipts **Housekeeping and close the shop.

Pros: Great opportunity to learn how to handle difficult situations
Cons: No stable income

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Not enough working hours per week

I have been planned to work a shift that gives me 8 hours a week..Every Saturday 11 till 3 and Sunday 11 till 3...that is 8 hours a week which is 32 hours a month and that leave me with a bare minimum salary which I feel is unfair as other colleagues are getting 20 to 30 hours a week

Pros: Great company with global recognition
Cons: Less working hours min pay

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It has been a great learning curve

The company had made me a better person in terms of leading my team. The company that I work for expect The best . and you best is always seen by how you team is trained and how they behave in your absence. And working in retail you have to let you imotions not to show because you came across lot of defferent people and customers.

Pros: the company groomes you well so you can be a better leader
Cons: we work long hours

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I have worked with different companies such as platinum promoters and expanding brands .i have been a promoter almost 2years now because at truworths i work as a casual staff. I have a drivers license code 10 ,i'm stil studying Business management in Damelin durban city a,it my 2nd year and hopefully by next year i'l be doing my 3rd year. I jst want to grow in a big company learn alot of stuff and if i get employed is to make sure my work get recognized and also contribute my knowledge and skills and add growth in the business. I'm very a hard workin person and i can convince any person to buy any product and offer good customer service.

Pros: To get promotion
Cons: Long workin hours

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Learnt alot

I enjoyed my time at truworths, not only did i grow in experience but as a person as well, thanks to a loving and supportive team which you can not only teach but learn from, under the guidance of a experienced and dedicated manager, I learnt so much including people skills, problem salving, how to work under pressure and so much more.

Pros: opportunity to learn new skills
Cons: low wages

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Im quick leaner im quick to grap new i deas .and alwys looking for growthbin the busness or company

Im good interms of following the company regulations thts keep me going all the time i alwys willing to learn and share and also i invest in future pontetial ,as wel as trust and respect each n every one.

Pros: working for the company will expose in defferent wrk culture ,and i will be able to meet their standard, to peform at requeired standard.
Cons: i will use all information or tools to peforme at high level .

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Fast pace work environment

Fast pace work environment, working under great pressure, team development, admin, store openings, store ordering, background implementations, training, traveling between stores. Insuring high standards are met, store visits with operations managers, launches of concepts. Team meetings, resolving staff queries. Upgrading store equipment, maintaining of vehicles and other company assets. Team building, and year functions

Pros: Business benefits,
Cons: Excessive traveling, unable to grow further, work over christmas period, invest alot of own personal time.

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I'm capable of learning anything new.

I learned that working as team is a key I most definitely like working with people around Deadline pressure Administration work Coming up with new ideas in the work place.

Pros: Any opportunity is appreciated
Cons: 12 hours maximum

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Excellent learning curve

Built a lot of experience at work and also have a very good relationship with my co-workers......................................................................................................................................................................

Pros: Great for a start
Cons: On your feet the whole day

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Good and Educational

I really had a great experience and I walked out with a lot of Knowledge I did a learnership in 2016 which I finished Feb 2017 I overcame all negativity and played my part as a student as well as a consultant.I've worked at the cash desk,admin office as well as the stockroom I can proudly say I knew alot of thing's in and out the learnership was an advertage.I lobed my colleges dearly even thought sometimes we didn't see eye to eye but the communication and respect was awsum , The most challenging was being under paid sometimes but that too did not stop my ethics.

Pros: Opening of opportunities
Cons: Group negativity

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