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Excellent learning curve

**Do house keeping before the shop opens. **Assist customers get that right dress or suit that is in trend so you must be aware of your surroundings. **Do account payments. **Do returns and purchases. **Do filing of receipts **Housekeeping and close the shop.

Pros: Great opportunity to learn how to handle difficult situations
Cons: No stable income

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It has been a great learning curve

The company had made me a better person in terms of leading my team. The company that I work for expect The best . and you best is always seen by how you team is trained and how they behave in your absence. And working in retail you have to let you imotions not to show because you came across lot of defferent people and customers.

Pros: the company groomes you well so you can be a better leader
Cons: we work long hours

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Eager to learn and explore

i am a passionate Young lady who is eager to learn and is hungry for success, i hold a national diploma in Travel ans Tourism as well as a Galileo certificate, i have excellent vacation of work experience in the retain sector, giving me varied skills and the ability to work with many different people. i believe i could fit into your team easily thank you very much yours sincerely Neo Galane

Pros: eager to learn
Cons: impatient

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I have worked with different companies such as platinum promoters and expanding brands .i have been a promoter almost 2years now because at truworths i work as a casual staff. I have a drivers license code 10 ,i'm stil studying Business management in Damelin durban city a,it my 2nd year and hopefully by next year i'l be doing my 3rd year. I jst want to grow in a big company learn alot of stuff and if i get employed is to make sure my work get recognized and also contribute my knowledge and skills and add growth in the business. I'm very a hard workin person and i can convince any person to buy any product and offer good customer service.

Pros: To get promotion
Cons: Long workin hours

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well days are not the same as we all know that. my relationship with co-workers isn't excellent as i am the person who's mostly based on work and not creating relationships and partnership at work but constantly having to do what is expected of me on a daily basis and that is to excel in what ever effort i put at work. so i'd say with my co-workers we're kind of having a team relationship which is quite good. i have learnt a lot working with people, such as how to deal with problems and what steps to take coming up with solutions to that problem, and being helpful which is something that is rare from retail industry from my perspective. i enjoy keeping my self busy with work because that saves me a lot of time from unnecessary conversations and from the negativity around me. the most challenging thing about my job is being surrounded by negative people where you try to avoid them as much as you can. and that when ever you put in good work, not everyone appreciates that. and to me that is challenging a lot

Pros: making sales
Cons: long working hours

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Excellent learner I always pay attention and make sure I get the job done

I have build a strong relationship with the people I work with I learn from them so do they learn from me being at work I always learn new thing seeing the people that I care for and can count on makes my day

Pros: picked up a lot of experience
Cons: we worked 6hrs a day but when they asked you to work a double unexpectedly just got to me to menu times

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Be patient lead by example always be in time at work always follow company procedure.

always update my area manager about my store performance daily targets and monthly target, stock loss, custometer we must sizzling, customer service its priority number one, every month we launch new accounts drive all staff must be there to launch. hiring of new staff is my responsibility, we have training weekly every Friday, and personal training we have modules as store manager is my responsibility to monitor individuals performance and make sure all staff are trained.

Pros: promoting according to your performance or your store performance
Cons: they follow Labour law 8 hours if its over they treat as overtime.

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It's most professional store i have ever work for

They give you a chance to express your leadership, and you must report your monthly target and performance of your account drive. we have half yearly roadshow where they update us about all truworths and identity how they perform

Pros: They promote according to your performance
Cons: It's normal working hours

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fast learner, communication skills and hard worker.

it feels so good but challenging to work for my company. pinching customers and tell them what our company offers made me gain communication skills, which easily helps me a lot to communicate with all kinds of people. I have learned to work with different kinds of people, share ideas and cooperate. I enjoy to do this job because we have some fun sometimes, travel, and go to different places. the most challenging part is to get certain target for new accounts to be opened.

Pros: great opportunity for marketing.
Cons: long working hours and work on weekends.

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Learning great opportunities

I've learned that being a manager and a brand ambassador gave me great opportunity to work with different individuals with great minds and strong personalities. I also enjoyed working with my co-workers because you learn something new everyday and they game me exciting opportunities.

Pros: They gave you great and challenging opportunities.
Cons: Working hours were not challenging.

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