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Communication is key, therefore i learned to be clear, concise and focused.
Having worked at Thula du Marketing has been the greatest experience so far. Because i worked part-time, working hours were negotiable. Doing team work was often great because one gets to share ideas and hear others. During my time, i learned that in order to make a living you have to work hard and never expect people to do anything for you. In the workplace you need to strike the balance of being confident in yourself but not arrogant, but also have confidence in your colleagues and the company you work for. Employers want people to have a bit of get-up-and-go. Working life presents many challenges and you need to show employers that you're the kind of person who will find a way through, even when the going gets tough and stay cheerful-ish.
Pros: Opportunities for growth in the industry are available to all. All the employees had a great chance of growth.
Cons: Working part-time had negotiable working hours; for example i was able to work 9 hours on weekends
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