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Gained a good experience, knowledge and skills
A typical day at work its where I need to do same thing everyday and there is nothing to prepare for the following. My relationship with my co-workers is good because we always have fun and we educate each other about things we've read on the internet to gain more knowledge about what we are doing here at work. I have learnt how to solve problems, how to deal with customers, how to answer a phone, to troubleshoot customer emails, configure router and how to log a fault. I enjoy resolving issues, help others until they do something right. I enjoyed spending time with my colleagues because we teaching each other about our career. The most challenging aspects of the job its I am dealing with irate customers and technicians are taking their time to fix the customers line and there is nothing I can do about that because that is the technician job.
Pros: Great opportunity for learning new skills
Cons: Long working hours
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