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Excellent learning curve and personal growth

TELKOM Tech support services with deal with fixed lookalike services where by employees assist customer with regards their fault. a typical day at work is very hectic because we deal admin,escalations and coaching of staff members

Pros: get promotion
Cons: person works during weekends and public holidays

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Great Opportunity

Modules: MM(Material Master), SD(Sales and Distribution), HR(Human Resources), PS(Project Systems), PM(Plant Maintenance) reports, Programs, Performance tuning , bug fixes, Dialog programing, system debug, error troubleshooting, investigations, Smart Forms, Sapscript, Customizations, SAP workflow, BADI implementation, SPDD & SPAU adjustments, Technical analysis of development in relation to business processes, Unit testing. Team coaching and peer mentoring, technical design specifications, ALV, User exits/enhancements.

Pros: Career Growth
Cons: Small team

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I enjoy my job as it is brings a lot learning and new challenges.

I work with s lot of different teams, cross functional teams. I enjoy challenges that come with different skills sets, opinions and learning new things daily. My work involves but not limited to daily meetings, training, handling and assisting with queries. Putting together Product documentations, and training manuals.

Pros: a good company to learn new things
Cons: Limited chances to move up

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An environment that sharpened my skill and gave me time make use of what is available

working with this company has been a challenge,rather I came in a a challenging time where I had to replace 2 people as one and the clients were not easy at all they kept asking for the previous people,environment was a mess and had to make sure things are stable working only with word from BA who understands the environmnent.It has been a learning curve to know that environments are not the same,work with what is there.Long working hours and a manager that knows the business and always have an idea of how to approach things are the demands you face everyday but they keep you going

Pros: room to get better
Cons: long working hours,too mnay changes in the company and not knowing where you stand

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Excellent Career

Working for TELKOM has been a great start of my career. The goals I have achieved at this company is team work, good communication skills and good leadership skills. I have trained a lot of staff which started working for Telkom and I enjoyed that. The most challenging aspects of my Job is to be always firm and always have a solution to every problem or issue and I have to always handle pressure very well when its busy .

Pros: Growth opportunity
Cons: I am willing to work retail hours

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IT network technician

Creating usernames; Managing usernames; Creating drives; Resetting passwords; Creating student profiles; Group policy management; Adding machines to domain; Managing group access; Managing file access,Hardware replacements and problem solving; Hardware installation and support; Hardware maintenance; Desktop OS install and support; MS Office install and support;; Image casting of PC’s; Software maintenance; Network access: This includes the network points, cables and patching on Network equipment Random PC checks

Pros: you get to learn everyday because now i have been exposed to cisco
Cons: long working hours

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I've learnt a lot from my previous experiences.

I have customer service experience. Did sales for jewellery shops , did promos work and previously worked at Telkom store . I volunteerialy worked as an awareness coach , drug and alcohol awareness. I'm an currently looking for a new venture to grow as an individual and learn more things.

Pros: Great customer service, learn to adapt to helping people and putting customers first
Cons: Worked retail hours

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Excellent leraning curve

Result orientated worker, work well under pressure, fast learner, team player. Skills in secretarial, admin, data capaturingHealth and safety, debt collecting and call center

Pros: none
Cons: long working hoirs

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I've learned all my administrative and technical skills at Telkom.

I'm working with a small team that we communicate well as a Team. When we receive tasks we make sure that we assist each other. We all get along and interact with what ever activities given at hand. I've learnt my technical, administrative, team work and puctuality. I enjoy the way we work together because if you work as a team it's easy to achieve targets etc. The most challenging is when we escalates faults and then we don't get a prompt respose so that you can complete the task you are given by a Technician.

Pros: There is a great opportunity and growth
Cons: Sometimes we're asked to work on Public Holidays aswell.

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Allways learn never give up

I had started my carer in the banking environment and progresses to my current job at Telekom Tech support manger where i manage over 13 different personalities doing their jobs which include remote troubleshooting customer care and escalations to me assigning technicians,on my side i deal with the the company reports rectify errors ,do escalations,constant up skilling my staff on systems and new products,reporting to directors and sector operations mangers on progress reports.i do presentations with relevant stats to stakeholders

Pros: looking to build a carrer i enjoy
Cons: people not willing to learn

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