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Working abroad has been a very interesting experience for me

I currently work for Qatar Airway at Hamad International Airport as a Customer Service Agent. The experience has been life changing and a real eye opener for me. I have been here since August 2016. It has been very difficult for me working away from my family for all these months. It was not easy for me to adapt but I do not have any regrets making the decision to come here. After more than 6 months I feel that I have accomplished my main objective for coming here. I wanted to have the experience of working in another Country. Especially this being a five star Airline. I have met so many diffirent people from so many different countries and nationalilties. I would never in a million years have thought that I would get a chance to travel and meet so many different people of all cultures. But the time has come for me to go back home to my family and be with them.

Pros: This is a really big company and there are countless opportunities available
Cons: Unfortunately for me, it is very difficult for me to be away from my family. We will not be able to immigrate as the cost of living in this country is very high

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Learning curve in reservations and ticketing

my typical day at work would be to welcome walk in clients that walk in through Qatar airways front desk. I would assist with comparing information ticket data making reservations for clients through telephone calls and face to face interaction. My relationship with co workers is good we are a small reservations team we respect and communicate regarding issues so we can give a great customer service. I started not knowing system called Amadeus,a resevations system used to make bookings and to generate electronic tickets. What enjoy the most is interacting with walk in clients with their querries about the flight tickets. Most challenging getting up to speed with Amadeus so that i am knowlegeble when communicating with clients

Pros: quiet environment
Cons: making errors with money that you would need to pay back

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Excellent experience

Pre flight bookings Issue tickets Pre seat passengers Pre order meals on board Call and advise if there's any schedule change Educate passengers of the frequent flyer programme Adding points to passengers who are already frequent flyer members

Pros: International experience
Cons: Long working hours , one day off

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Its a great learning experience

Me at Qatar Airways I'm the airline representative, my job is to make sure the staff provides good customer service for our customers, always give best service , ensuring the policies are adhered to. I'm in charge of handling the complains in the office, Do filling and stock orders. its a challenging environment but also love it because i'm a peoples person, each day you get to deal with different people and still have to treat them with the same level of respect. when it comes to working with others i'm a team player , i believe when running a operation you need to work hand in hand to provide proper service . i have learnt to importance of working and respecting everyone around me, the joy.

Pros: Its great because i love people and i get to meet different people everyday, you learn about different cultures as well
Cons: Working on weekends not getting a chance to spend with my family.

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There was good growth

It's a good company however you are away from family , you hardly come down to see them and you tend to get home sick . As employee you were hardly ever granted leave on the days that you chose. There were good aspects as you got the chance of going to different countries and being able to associate with different people.

Pros: You to travel
Cons: Worked on minimum rest

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One of the best jobs for age 21- 35, travelling the world

Working for an internationally recognized Five Star Airline has ,without any doubts,got to be the best!! Though sometimes there would be misunderstandings and misinterpretation of statements made in dialogues, due to different nationalities having different perspectives , culture , upbringing , beliefs and meanings, overall I can say it was an exciting experience to work with and learn more about different cultures. It helps one to have a deeper understanding and therefore not to judge. Travelling over 160 countries and making friends nationwide indeed tops it all off.

Pros: Great staff benefits, opportunity to travel and explore the world
Cons: Very long hours of flying

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Communication and customer service skills

I have learned to deal well with different cultures, communicate and work with a team. My customer service experience has improved to the best. I have also learned to deal with difficult customers and remain calm at the same time.

Pros: Promotion
Cons: Long hours

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Excellent experience

You do what you hired to do , long working hours , unfriendly superiors , friendly colleagues though .................................................................... .................. .............

Pros: International experience
Cons: 1 day off

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Quick thinking and consistency

I would love to continue perusing my dream and keep growing and learning in the aviation industry. There's something unique about ensuring the safety and comfort of customers 40 000ft above sea. I'm motivated and always prepared to learn more, I work well alone better with my team. Working as a flight attendant has been nothing short of amazing. I appreciate you taking your time reviewing my application. Thank you Regards Gomolemo.

Pros: Travel
Cons: Away from family

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Learning Daily Through Experiences

Working at an Airline has been a wonderful experience for me. I have always enjoyed travelling. A typical work day is fun, however, the fatigue that comes with operating a flight can really take a toll on your body. Sometimes turn-around flights can be more tiring than a layover. Usually cabin crew all over the world are really friendly, this makes working with them on and off duty quite easy. If there is one thing that I have learnt... its that the knowledge you take in every day is never enough and that there will always be experiences in life that you can never learn from any book so most times you got to make a call on a situation. Being a flight attendant for one of the worlds biggest airline, teaches you to be respectfully and calm at all times when dealing with unruly passengers. I mostly enjoyed the exotic foods. Biggest challenge is the airplane food after my body adapted somewhat adapted to the different time zones.

Pros: Tax Free Salary
Cons: Holidays away from family

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