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I am currently working at MTN Wellington where a normal day is more like, cleaning the store every morning. After my and my colleagues clean our store. I start right away with filling in my banking template for the previous day, I check our cash and open the day. Other than that, I work with clients on a daily basis which means I handle queries and I handle sales(contracts). I enjoy working with co - workers because I am a strong believer in diversity, respect for others and everyone comes from different houses and cultures. I have learnt that one has to crawl before one can walk/run. I have learnt a lot in this past 2 years working at MTN. I enjoy listening to music, being with my family and enjoying the outdoors. I am a people person and also a hardworker

Pros: new opportunities, challengers
Cons: long hours

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Excellent problem solving skills

As I was there at MTN I learnt to be customer service orientated as I learnt to take full ownership of customers problems I was the top customer service consultant in numerous months and also the company provided to workshops,leanerships and they gave you an opportunity to feather your studies

Pros: Great opportunit for growth
Cons: Pressuriased environment

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Good customer service & doing clients queries.

Learning how to be friendly & listen to clients queries.doing follow-ups& up dating clients.working as a team & individual.learning new things & latest technology in the market.being responsible & advice others.Charing new ideas & hard worker.

Pros: No growth & no promotions
Cons: 9 hours

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Excellent learning opportunity

It has been an excellent learning opportunity for someone like me who had mostly worked in the sale's industry but now has worked in both world.l now know and under what it takes to gave customers world class service and the passion I have for customers services.

Pros: None
Cons: 10 hour's a day

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Much experience was gain

It was a strict company ever. It taught me so much thinks like to be punctual because 1 minute late was a big issue. It taught me to be independent because each and every person had a own desk to do her work, no chatting

Pros: great company ever
Cons: it was only a contract

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Excellent learning curve

Working at MTN was quite challenging.my relationship with my co workers was good.I have learnt that when you working in the company you must not relax. i enjoyed my work and the department

Pros: Great opportunity for growth as a person
Cons: working night shift

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Excellent learning curve

Mtn has taught me unity and team work when working with people,My relationship between my colleagues was excellent,There were does days that you literally feel tired due to work load but was able to pull my self through,because i taught my self to manage with less supervisions,The most challenging aspects of the job is to deal with different customers with different attitude and emotions,In that case you have to empathize with the customer irrespective whether he is wrong or write,What i enjoy the most is taking a customer through our great offers we have in store for them,take them through our products made sure the customer is well educated about our products.First call resolution making sure the customer does not call again with the same query more than two times.

Pros: Great chance for promotion
Cons: Average working hours

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A good way of boasting my communication skills

Work with people was never easy at the beginning but I enjeyed eventually, sometimes customers can be hard to please but i have learned to be toralant to any given behavior, and to remailn calm all the time, sometimes it gives me more clure on where I'm lacking when people smash

Pros: Great platform to interact with people
Cons: Long working hours

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Career opportunity

it's a good way to communicate with different people. A very fast paced environment. It gives you an ability to have team work and share idea or information. I learned how to be patient while I think on my feet and to type fast. Having to work with all type of people was the most enjoyable part and having average handling time was challenging.

Pros: Opportunity growth
Cons: shifts

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Very good job opportunities

I would like to get more experience on other companies and other knowledge regarding other responsibilities regarding customer service. I have been working at the mtn call centre for over 3 years now and I have learnt so much regarding customers satisfaction. I have also had to deal with irate customers and that actually improved me for the next customer because I then learnt alot and improved too. It has been great working at the call centre and I have enjoyed most of it.

Pros: Great knowledge gathering and more experience.
Cons: When dealing with irate customers over 9 hours a day

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