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Negotiating, being persuasive with abrasive Service providers, reducing costs of release fees on Invoices. Reaching a compromise, paying and releasing a vehicle. Capturing comprehensive case notes on the system, leaving follow ups doing related admin, speaking effectively over the telephone responding to queries and giving feedback. Relationship with co workers is positive energised by a sense of humour, good rapport and good interpersonal skills, high level of mutual respect understanding the importance of team work to achieve synergy.

Pros: Opportunity to communicate my mind, articulation of words, chances of growth, job Security and benefits
Cons: 12 hour Shift , working on holidays

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Better learning curve

Iam working day shift at 08:00am 19:00.i have good relationship with my co-workers becouse we work as a team, share some idea,s. I learn lot of things in my company how to communicate with people, how to deal wi people reaction, how to handle customers, to work in team,to work hard, to work in pressure I'm enjoying my job the people that I'm working with when I'm dilling...with costemer complaints, customers behaviour.when is time to make new things

Pros: not promotion but better money
Cons: iam cooking,preaparing food,serving, selling,managing stock,communication skills,customer care service,packing and cleaning

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Great international medical and security assistance experience

Answering calls and giving travel, security and medical advice along with members from the security or medical team. You work on an open floor that enables you to communicate with your fellow do worker's and interact. I have learnt where the best medical facilities are in different countries and the way in which different sectors in other countries work. The most challenging things are the long and night shifts

Pros: Great opportunity to learn about how things work in other countries
Cons: Night shifts

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I have experience of over 5 years in Accounts Payable, Office Administration and Cashbook reconciliation experience and I have learned a lot from each organization that I have worked for and I would like to showcase my skills in your organization and also learn new things from your organization to enhance my skill and will ensure that I work up to the expectation of your company to maintain the standard, and I am sure that I will be very helpful for this organization with my ideas and work. I also believe in maintaining a healthy and cooperative environment around me, which is necessary for the company's welfare.

Pros: None
Cons: None

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Multi national co-operation with a full accounting function

Working at multi national co-operation with a full accounting function. Calculating payroll taxes Processing of financial journal entries Maintaining and balancing all inter-company loan accounts on a monthly basis I have a good relationship with everybody in my department and cordial relationship with most people in the office Have learnt a lot from different working in this practical accounting environment Learning different aspects of the business Constant deadlines

Pros: Working in International organization
Cons: Long working hours

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I learned a great deal

I look forward to learning something new and I am at the stage in life whereby growth is very imortant to me. I have experience in the banking sector, the bulk of my experience comes from the aviatio sector. I'm now currently in the medical sector

Pros: Great opportunity for growth
Cons: There are none

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Excellent communication skills and transferable skills

Great, fantastic team player, goal getter, positive boost to increased business growth. Work is great, love to learn everything vital to my job; ready to stay extra hours to meet daily targets. Vital knowledge ii n information systems, Microsoft package, recording skills. Adepth knowledge of clients needs and Wants.

Pros: A huge company, many years in Africa, business Development in Foreign countries.
Cons: Long working hours

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Life is an experience

typical day consists of administration and face to face client meetings Healthy relationship with my fellow colleagues, we all aspire to the living out of values of our organization - (Passion ,expertise, care & respect) I have learnt that at the end of the day when all is said and done it boils down to taking things a day at a time.

Pros: always opportunities if you work hard
Cons: you never trully off work :-), you still need to check on things every now and again

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Working in a dynamic corporate environment

Works office hour 5 days a week in a dynamic corporate environment Excellent team member Have grown significantly professionally and personally since joining the company Work among highly qualified medical team

Pros: Excellent working enviroment
Cons: Office hours serving clients globally

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Highly qualified OHN look at joining a dinamic environment

I’m a highly qualified professional Occupational health practitioner who strive for excellence. I have been in the industry for seventeen years and have shown commitment to my work. I’m a team player and a leader among my peer.

Pros: Benefits
Cons: Growth

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