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Fast learner and excellent for hard wroker to cover enough work

institute of mine seismology its working for mining helping with the sensor and we have to make sure about the earthquake problem..we have and engineering and seismologyst

Pros: look forward to leaner take further step for my career
Cons: 10 hours a day

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I work form home, I no longer want to work from home,I want to meet new people. I want to work with other people. I do not see my co - workers often, but we get along very well. I decide my own salary, but its time to move on and work where I have a fixed salary every month (for less a month aswell) I need to know what I am going to earn at the end of each month. My job is really interesting and exciting, but no room for growth.

Pros: Great lerning curve
Cons: No oppotunity for promotion

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