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to work at the company like Grindrod its like you feel that your at home, our relation with my co-workers its nice because every time when we go to work you have to great everybody in the office so that its goner be easy to at the office when you got a problem you don't feel ashame to ask your colleaque. our relationship with my colleague its nice beacause we under stand each other. I learnt many things in this company like communication, respect, intergrity. I enjoy especial when we are going to team building and end year function because its we, know each other. when the system is down and the driver are waiting outside for their document they don't under stand they stated shouting at us because they have to rush to the border.

Pros: to work in differnt department
Cons: i like to work an office hours

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Excellent learning curve, not much room for approvement

I am happy working in finance, but limited room for growth and no benefits. It has lots of responsibilities, but I complete all tasks set before me I built great work relationships with team to ensure work is completed and streamlined to get tasks done faster.

Pros: Not great opportunity for promotion
Cons: Normal

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Good working experience.

Never a dull moment. Dealing with major roll players in the motors industry, alwaysneeded to be on the top of your game. With a good compliment of co-workers and subordinates, just made the tasks that much easier. Lessons learnt time mananagement, team work gets the job done. Daily challenges and the journey solving them.

Pros: Good benefits
Cons: stressfull but manageable

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I am a fast learner,thinker and creative dedicated and always willing to learn new skills

I am a family man and this makes me want to work hard ,aspiring to achieve a lot in life,I have worked ,in the industry for and reasonable period,I have driven different trucks and pulled a lot of trailers,long distance and driven local a well

Pros: Great learning experience
Cons: Worked long hours

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