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Tebogo sebokolodi

We are working as contractors at Northwest high court as control room operator of Global technology systems, I have enjoyed working for GTS with my best colleagues, their like my sister's. Our duties is to ensure that the safe and secure at all times. GTS office is at Johannesburg but we have supervisors that visit us to check if everything thing is fine. If reported an incident or faulty around the premises they come and fix the faulty. In order to report the incident my colleagues most of the time they wait for me to report the faulty to our company, and I don't take it wrong I take it as a lesson. I learn every day, I grow every day, because I face challenges. We report things like incident, faulties of gates, cameras, intercoms, panic buttons, doors. If staff members lost their access cards we allocate new cards to them after they report it to us

Pros: I would like to be given an opportunity to show my abilities as a driver.
Cons: I don't mind working overtime

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Great learning curve

It is was a great company till the liquidation and the scandals has a lot of great employees Big cultural diversity Great work environment Great salary perk Pension fund

Pros: Great work environment
Cons: Travel long distances

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Great opportunity to get experience

It is my first working environment and I have been taught a lot by people who have had over 20 years of work experience and have gained a lot of knowledge and work experience from them. I am confident I am able to work and continue to improve. It's a small team of 5 employees including me with a combine work experience of 60 years and we all were close to each other and worked as a real team. We always had different tasks depending on the what clients needed. So I learned a lot of products and solutions not only related to computers. I enjoyed working with them because they were open and would help where one is struggling.

Pros: Gained a lot of knowledge and practical experience to architect systems.
Cons: Small Salary

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Excellent learning curve

A brilliant place to work at. The culture is great . The people are friendly and I have a great relationship with all of them. I have learnt alot from this company especially widening my project management skills. The most challenging aspect of my job was travelling between different sites.

Pros: Promotions
Cons: Long working hours

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