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Willing to learn

I am Willing to start new things that will give me a challenge, I want to start to work with different people because i want to share the information I have with others and I am willing to learn from others. Working as a team with other people that drives us to achieve the goals as a company. The happy person at work make happy team the happy team make a great work. A diversified, naturally driven and highly competent candidate with strong commercial, operations principles. Possesses a forward-thinking ability to build strategic relationships and focus on customer requirements, as well as assisting Manager with all reporting requirements and administration work. Furthermore a commercially aware intellectual with sound understanding of what drives a successful project/contract, predominantly focused on a clear and concise management style. Equally maintains a proven career track record of driving results and providing viable solutions to organisational challenges.

Pros: I am looking to any thing that I deserve
Cons: Will work for the hours that i am required to work

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Great opportunity to showcase my capabilities and also to learn more

What we basically do is that we receive samples from production, both liquids and powders then proceed to do the required tests. The interesting part is when a sample requires GC MS analysis, that is when one is required to focus and ensure accurate interpretation of the chromatograms. I was working with 8 young people in the laboratory and i enjoyed mostly interacting with them everyday. My coworkers are fun people however they take their jobs very seriously, they always challenge me to do better. As I was working in the flavour house, i have learned that to distinguish between smells (sensory evaluation) our company believes in planned strategic meetings where we share plans for the day and challenges thereof and that has helped me a lot in public speaking.

Pros: personal growth
Cons: unpaid overtime

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Excellent learning curve

A typical work day includes: Compounding the formulations for internal stake holders. JHB LCMS Management. Responsible for raw material Inventory, lab safety, equipment calibration, training new staff and drafting SOPs. I work with one other co-worker in the lab, we have sailed across the toughest tides and together we make a great team. We have had to push ourselves 200% over our set objectives, work with deadlines that are less than 24 hours and source raw materials in a very short time. Through the everyday workplace challenges I have learnt emotional intelligence, professionalism, time management, people skills and this list could go on, given the opportunity I would love to discuss more in person. Regardless of the daily challenges, I have enjoyed the olifactive training sessions, the corporate culture here, flexible work times and being part of the EE committee.

Pros: lots of opportunities to learn
Cons: stagnant growth

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I am willing to learn from other and share the things that i know with others

Support both Manager and Food Technologist in all Beverage Lab applications. Manufacture Finished products according to formulas. Manage sample library,ordering of samples using SAP system. Evaluation of finished product and update FPR and Atlas. Assisting in Compounding of new flavors in Creation Lab.

Pros: Working at Givaudan has thought me so many things that will help in the working industry.
Cons: 7-8

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Human Resources Specialist

Givaudan has 143 employees and 3 permanent HR / payroll employees. Day to day duties include recruitment, IR, Training & Development. Annual reporting on EE, BBBEE, WSP etc. Professional relationship with co-workers which also include shop stewards. Working with various departments, cultures and diversity is not only the most enjoyable but this is also part and parcel of HR challenges.

Pros: Currently contract Position
Cons: Currently no benefits

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Excellent place to learn and grow

Ever since I started working at Givaudan I have been growing each time. You honestly need to prepare yourself to work hard but very rewarding in the end.

Pros: Opportunity to move up the ladder
Cons: Long hours

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Excellence learning curve

A movement from a company dominated by young energetic,motivated and ambitious to to company full of elderly people taught me many things amongst of those things is being discipline,Respect and passion in the working place.

Pros: Happy colleagues that are always there to assist
Cons: Old way of manufacturing/ not much technology in place

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I am a hard an dedicated person and a true leader.

I am a self-driven person who needs none or minimal supervision. I am a team player and a good leader. I strive in superior customer excellence, seeing the customer satisfied is my passion. I work in a department that is the heart beat of the organization. The challenges on my job is being on call through out to ensure the customer's needs are met.

Pros: Being involved on all Supply Chain activities
Cons: No room for promotion

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