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Good learning curve

Mostly i was assisting the projects manager, the contracts officer and the operations officer, communicating with suppliers and following up on action list items. the working environment was very professional and every co-worker concentrates on what their doing for the day, as we all had to meet deadlines. The great thing was the ability to assist each other with the work load.

Pros: excellent opportunity for promotion
Cons: too much work in a small amount of time

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I am a mature and professional affirmative action male who is hard working with a high spirit.

I am a mature and professional affirmative action male who is hard working with a high spirit. I am highly dedicated to any responsibilities assigned to me and ensure that they will be completed with enthusiasm and integrity. I am a positive individual who is self-motivated and has the ability to work independently. I am willing and eager to share and absorb knowledge.

Pros: ability to learn
Cons: poor working conditions

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Excellent Learning Experience

My job include managing three functional managers, and coordinating their functions to meet divisional and ultimately organizational strategic objectives. My day includes attending senior management meetings, and chairing some of these meetings, while making inputs to some in the form of PowerPoint presentations. I do a lot of reports reviews as part of my monitoring and evaluation of services rendered by third party vendors. My relationship with my colleagues is mutual and value based relationship. I interact with my colleagues from the company secretariat, legal, risk, finance, ICT, HR, marketingand clinical management on a daily basis. Part of job involve engaging with external stakeholders and to some extend negotiating prices that covers a budget of R32bn to R35bn. This one of the highlight aspect of my career.

Pros: Long Term Growth Opportunity
Cons: Business Model Needs Moderation

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Work environment is friendly, good relationship with employees.challenging situation arises sometime at work. Teamwork. I enjoy engaging with all workers.

Pros: skills are great
Cons: not great for promotion

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Absolute learning curve

I thoroughly enjoy work here. The people are warm. The CFO, is the best boss I have ever worked with. Meaningful and helpful in every way. I have learnt so much from him, the property industry is an interesting line of business. Of which I knew nothing of when I started here. Now I have a wealth of knowledge I gained from working with him and the staff at GEMS. The most challenging thing was meeting the trustees of estates. The old folks are pretty finicky when it come to their finances, especially them being set in their ways. I have a fantastic working relationship with my colleagues. It’s time for me to move on due to retrenchment. I will miss them.

Pros: Great place to work in
Cons: Unfortunately due to retrenching

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Great working experience

I work with member communication and personal documentation of clients that needs escalation and resolving them. I also organise and facilitate wellness events for government employees, conduct education sessions and organise Lekgotla sessions that invite all employees in different ranks to engage on burning issues of the scheme.

Pros: Meeting members & interacting with stakeholders
Cons: No work life balance

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