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Working experience

My working experience has been great thusfar and has given me opportunity to learn and put my skills into practice,it was challenging at first but good learning curve as i have to perform pa duties for all the directors and principal as well as assisting teachers and learners with their queries.I always multitask on daily basis which I manage very well by prioritising my tasks and schedules.

Pros: I am responsible for most the things in my work place therefore I can be the best candidate for a promotion,which I am willing to hard in achieving.
Cons: I usually work 8 hours a day and don't mind working extra hours to in ordet to meet deadlines.

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Good learning curve

My daily activities include filing,answering the phone or making calls to parents or the department,sending and receiving e-mails. The relationship with co-workers is very good because we are like one big happy family.I have learnt to work under extreme pressure and meeting my deadline.I mostly enjoy the attitude of all the staff members and that I get to work with different types of people on a daily basis.Having to calm down furious parents

Pros: great learning opportunity
Cons: sometimes overtime is expected

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