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I was doing a customer service as they call the company to pick up some clothes in their address and after they finish to clean up ,i am responsible to take the orders back to their addresses again. I was responsible for the machines service,i must make sure everything regarding the customer orders are going well and with the time frame.we had a good relationship with my colleagues.I enjoyed travelling around Cape Town to customers it made me to have a confidence about my work as a driver.The most challenging with my work is was when the customer called us to come and fetch the clothes with a certain time and i was the only work driver in that branch so its a busy company as its the largest Laundry shop because of delaying orders from my manager the customers were very furious about that, so i was responsible to make the customer happy at all times so they always want to phone me and want me always even if am busy as no body else i must attend my customers with courtesy.
Pros: as a head of customer service desk
Cons: overtime
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