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Good personality.

At Faranani, a typical wok day is a 8 to 17:00 kind of a job. daily tasks can range from development, meetings, testing and support. Its an open environment where everyone gets along with everyone. I like the fact that you can go to work not knowing what to expect as you can go from this to that within a day. the most thing that is common amongst Faranani people is the certificate, you are urged to obtain your certificates as it is a very important part of the relatipnship with Software sellers for discounts. I have taught myself fe things at Faranani. If you got time in your hands, use it wisely to benefit you. You are the boss of your own life, if you get an opportunity grab it and run with it. I have taught myself self discipline. The most challenging thing about Faranani is you ca have time in ur hands and get bored which in turn rusts your mind.

Pros: Encouraged to learn and study further
Cons: Too much time in your hands

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