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FAMSA has taught me many things as an individual. I began working here at the age of 20. I was not a "people's person", I was shy and loved to keep to myself. Ever since I became a member of FAMSA, I have learned how to interact with people of all races. There is never a day when I get to work and I don't smile, seeing my co-workers and director, they are the most friendliest beings! I don't want to leave FAMSA and if I could have it my way I would be here forever! However my director herself has told me to look for another job due to our company's financial strains... Being the Bookkeeper here at FAMSA is the most challenging job since we are an NGO. No one wants to fund a small NPO, even though we do good for our community, we charge a very small fee to our clients. That fee does not even cover out rent as a company. Therefore finding funding to keep this "boat afloat" is the most challenging aspect for my director and I.
Pros: The aount of leave granted
Cons: Financial strains
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