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I wish to face every new challenge and eager to learn a new things in life.

Law enforcement. Day and night patrols. Filling the patrol forms. Issuing J534 to those who break the laws. Fish collective data ensure no species been caught during the close seasons an no limits is exceeded. Ensure fish permit be valid and be always be available during the inspection. Coordinates and controls set-up road blocks operation with the combination of law enforcement, stakeholders ie SAPS, traffic, customs migration etc.

Pros: Working as a law enforcement.issuing spot fine and opening a docket for those who break the laws.Day and night patrols and meet the deadline and fill the patrol forms.Fish collective data ensure no species be catch during the closing seasons.and no bag limits be exceeded.coordinates and control the set-up roadblocks operation with the combination of law enforcement,stakeholders,S.A.P.S,customs migrations.
Cons: I willing yo work long hours

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Black Rhino Monitoring in Hluhluwe Imfolozi Park

I walk anything between 10 -14km a day doing foot patrols. Tracking black rhino, identifying individuals, photographing them and taking data. On office days I maintain the Black rhino database and update the management of the park on changes within the population. I train field rangers while on patrol on the basics of monitoring and the basic ecology of the field as well as walking into dangerous game. In the evenings I often help with the lion population in the park. I also liaise with security on anti poaching information. Hot days are challenging and dodging the rest of the big animals whilst tracking black rhino is a challenge. I have great relationships with the field rangers and managers on the Park and surrounding areas and have built great connections while working for Ezemvelo. Every day at work is different, it keeps the job interesting.

Pros: Great oppportunity to gain experience with Big Five animals and connecting with various professionals within the industry.
Cons: Blotchy contracts, with no certainty of a long term postion

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I have gained a lot of experience at Ezemvelo Kzn Wildlife as I worked both in the Marine and terrestrial sections. The staff are friendly and my co-workers and I worked well together, however I would like to look for something more challenging and were I can grow as well

Pros: benefits are brilliant
Cons: no growth or promotion

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Small reserve with lot of work to do

activities: foot patrol with a field ranger,fence maintenance,water supply,alien plant control,reception attendance,bush clearing.. I had a fixed relationship with all my colleagues and we working as a group at all times.

Pros: learning practically as we do
Cons: limited experience

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Application for Procurement specialist/buyer Dear Sir Madam/Sir I would like to express my keen interest in the above-mentioned post in Johannesburg. I’m a driven, ambitious and single male who holds a Bcom in Supply Chain Management and economics. My career began at Nedbank as a small business banker which later on led to a promotion as a small business manager. After enjoying a lucrative career at Nedbank, I then moved to Ezemvelo KZN as a Procurement buyer. This post in Johannesburg is yet another opportunity to broaden my horizon in Supply Chain.

Pros: Growth within the company structures
Cons: none

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Personal growth

Growing company in nature constypical work day - Your relationship with co-workers - What you have learnt - What you enjoy most - The most challenging aspects of the job ervation

Pros: Opportunity for promotion
Cons: Excessive traveling

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Excellent experience

We always work as a team and there's a good commitment between me and co-workers. I have a mentor who organised a day work everyday. I learnt much of things in this organisation, they treat employees with respect. I also learnt much about conservation administration and law enforcement. I enjoy patrolling and managing risk such as controlling of invader plant and water management. As many jobs, there are some challenges such as working assets.

Pros: Great opportunity
Cons: Long working hours

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I have learned discipline,self motivation, working with or without supervision

In my review all what was happening in the working place was perfect, though sometimes supervision was not up to scratch,we were working 21 day and remaining days taken as time off

Pros: Working environment is so good and conducive to any personal
Cons: Working hours are good though sometimes no rest is granted when duty calls

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Excellent experience gained

The job focused on reconciliation of third party payment accounts, error finding and clearing out those queries from reconciliation statement. Provide accounting support to the salaries department as well as ad-hoc duties to the whole of finance department. Experienced petty cash management and enforcement of finance process and procedures. The reconciliation was most challenging. Had a good working relationship with all co-workers, I enjoyed getting a recon to balance at zero.

Pros: Great entry level position
Cons: High stress position

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