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Working at my company is very nice but they keep on retrenching us anytime they feel like, I am a good team player very open person, if there is conflict we sit down and sort out in a professional manner. The challenging part at work is when target is not reached and the pressure is more but we end up having a solution for that. I enjoy it most when we reached target and i love to help others to reach theirs also and in most cases i as individual i do reach mine so after i will guide help others to reach theirs too.

Pros: Yes
Cons: If i must work overtime i will do so

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Perfom work under pressure advising client on their finacial debts.

Abilty to perfom under pressure self driven indivisual, a team player can perfom multi task out of the box think, Target to be on daily Basis, client recruitment and retention, Scanning of documnets Adhoc task past by Branch Mananger, Relieving Branch Manager when is off leave and Meetings

Pros: Working with people on daily basis their finacial and personal problems, solving their problems by granting the approve loans and change their Bad day to a happy moods
Cons: 12hrs

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