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It a small company for work while looking for other opportunities to boost you life. I have been trying to study but I have nothing much to do because I'm the only one who is working at home. And if I leave it for study that means I will have no one to look after my family the time still studying

Pros: Great when you have nothing
Cons: Normal hours

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Excellent driving expirience

At my current company I,m doing very well. But everyone need to grow at some point and the driving school company is not guaranteed because when there is less customer that means you might not get paid or your payment might be cut. So it good for a short term while you apply somewhere else. But in terms of driving I have learned so much on how to drive safe. And I have learned how to be patient with clients. Because some of them they never drove before. So it my duty to be patient with them

Pros: It gives me great opportunity to maybe start my own driving school in future
Cons: Overtime that not pays

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