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Excellent curve

work confidently and efficiently with the Microsoft Office software suite, e-mail and intranet systems. I am particularly skilled at formatting and improving the layout of Board and management documents and presentations. I understand the importance of office procedures and feel sure that I can provide you with a reliable and accurate service. I am an effective team worker who can develop good working relationships with colleagues and managers alike. I really feel that I can exceed the requirements of the post and am enthusiastic about the type of work that ABC Company does. I would be pleased to attend for interview at your convenience to allow me to discuss my experience and qualities further. My full contact details can be found on my CV. Thank you for your consideration. Yours sincerely Pascaline dehoue

Pros: Great opportunity for proption
Cons: Long working hours

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A very excellent learning opportunity for which I can never regret my time there.

My field of service has included Inspection, installation of cable, cable test plant monitoring and troubleshooting. And i mostly enjoy teamwork and have a great relationship with everyone, you get to learn from others. As part of my technical skills, I am reliable, trustworthy, and punctual and in particular I take pride in the quality of the work i am presented with. I have had a chance to learn the highest standards of Electrical safety and operational protocol and fully aware of OSHA, occupational safety and state legislation. The challenging aspects of my work having no support from the management, because of being short stuffed.

Pros: Great opportunity to grow
Cons: Slow on promoting

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Excellent learning curve

I am a goal driven person responsible reliable always willing to learn and grow/develop not afraid of change a team player. At exxaro coal mine I've learned and gained a lot of experience under the supervision of my supervisor in all mechanical fitter maintenance.

Pros: Great apportunity to get a post
Cons: Normal working hours

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Diesel mechanics

I am a qualified diesel mechanic with vast experience and knowledge in the yellow category machinery industry and great knowledge of hydraulics systems technology and great experience in coal mining industry

Pros: Learning to become better
Cons: Traveling out of the country to leave my family behind

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Hard working

I enjoy working with a team that is willing to learn and share their opinions .the most challenging aspect is when we have a dead line nd have to work extra hours for equipments to run.

Pros: Great opportunity for promotion
Cons: Long working hours

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Variety of challenges

Great company overall The company is stable and profitable. Significant project portfolio of projects and new technology exposure. I have been given several opportunities such as managing people as well as project teams. Great train opportunities are abound.

Pros: Big company and very stable
Cons: vertical reporting structure which is rarely flexible

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Great opportunity for promotion as Head plant and senior foreman

Recognised for exceptional work strategy, decision making and problem solving, an achiever on set standards, strategic and responsible for procedures and work processes. An extensive experience in leadership and management of a team, filter pressers operation and filtration to various department, sulphuric acid storage and sales

Pros: Great opportunity for higher position
Cons: Conops

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Good company and great values

Breakdowns and inspections for preventative maintenance, workshop fabrications, root cause failure analysis, over hauling,planne or schedule for maintenance, do job cards,and notifications, housekeeping,

Pros: Great opportunity
Cons: Long hours

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Excellent training experience

Trained and love working on automation electrical . Im good in team work and always identifying ways to work smart. I get my projects done in time and always offer help. Loved working with medium voltage substations machinery because it always keeps me alert of safety precautions in a workplace and also to look out for other employees.

Pros: Great opportunity to gain my skills and showcase them.
Cons: Working under pressure

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I undergone the developmental path fro an operator to learner mine official up toe a pit worker

Its a challenging environment which demand one to e focused and creative.working with deferent mind set it somehow gives one a opportunity to grow it was ice ad the relationship was good.one has Learn to judge people but try to understand third behavior

Pros: Good academic opportunities
Cons: Abnormal working hours and shifts

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