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Excellent for gaining work experience if you are a student

I enjoyed working for exposure studio as it gave me work experience and taught me many things. Things such as responsibility and sales skills as well. It I learnt how to reach a target and what it means to work for your own money as well . A typical day would be setting up the display table and interacting with customers promoting the product and encouraging them to purchase it. It was also convenient as I was a student and therefore I had time for my studies and I could have some sort of income. I am however looking for something more stable with more responsibility.

Pros: Great for gaining​ work experience
Cons: No steady income

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Excellent Learning Curve

Typical day working at Exposure, on the go all the time, no breaks or even a minute to spare on personal time such as taking lunch. My relationship with my co- workers is great, we are house friends out the office.i have learnt that patience in the work place is key. I enjoyed the people I work with on a daily basis from clients to promoters to my co- workers.The most challenging aspect would have to be getting answers from higher management on time and also working with a very self opinionated boss.

Pros: Working with people who dont think they superior to anyone
Cons: Long working hours

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