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I'm a task orientated person. I focus most of my energies into meeting the deadline. Whether the deadline is a two week sprint or six months down the line. I work well in teams & i tend to occupy the funny-hat among co-workers but can also switch into working alone in an uninterrupted fashion. I've covered most of manual testing techniques. I've been exposed to most. Thus my current focus is to continue learning Automated testing. I'm a natural at finding failures, identifying patterns, & spot checks. I excel fast & thus enjoy what i do. The most challenging thing I've witnessed is not agreeing with a developer on whether or not an item is a bug or not. In events like these its important to remain calm, seek common grounds with the individual and balance the conversation out with a third party (preferably a higher ranking seat) who will be unbiased to us both.

Pros: a Large International company with opportunities for travel & relocation if need be.
Cons: Management constantly changes roles of high ranking officers. The reporting line sometimes can become blurry & tricky.

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Training and Upskilling offered by the Company has been wonderful.

Working at the company has been wonderful yet stressful at times due to demanding previous project. Flexible working hours. Free Fruit Salary Paid in time always Learned to work in different Industries.

Pros: Great Opportunity for working in Different Industries
Cons: Demanding Projects

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