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Best training and academy

Working at EXL has given me an opportunity to understand as well as implement what I had known and been taught as great customer service. I work in environment that takes the security and protection of its customers seriously because it deals with insurance. The working environment is friendly and ideal to employees and the natural environment as it is a Green building, it has a gym facility and a subsidized meal service. There are growth opportunities and employees are recognized and rewarded for excellent etiquette. I enjoy the work I do as well as the people I work with.

Pros: Surplus of growth opportunities
Cons: Its an offshore company, the shifts can be tiring.

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Great working environment

My job has taught me alot such as the importance of different types of clients different insurance companies, how to work with different types of clients on a daily basis and different personalities I love what I do because I love working with people and having to be competitive target driven. The most challenging thing about my job is not knowing what the next client needs assistance with it's like a mistery but also always making sure you help that client to the best of your ability and get it done.

Pros: Working with people and helping people to the best of your ability
Cons: Hours are fine just getting home very late after your shift

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Experience at work

Nb unable to see the text that I am writing now, not sure if it is a software issue or issue with my device. I will attempt to still write a review of my current employee. My typical day would start with investigating any complaints that was assigned to me from my manager. Once completed I would then call the customer back to provide them with feedback and a resolution and or outcome of the complaint. My relationship with my co-workers I would describe as good and well balanced as I have made some new friends also at my current place of work. Working at my current employee I have learn a lot about the short term insurance industry and Aalto about importance of protecting customers information. The most enjoyable part of my job is that eureka moment when I do my investigations for the customers concerns . Most challenging aspect would be the fact that some time I I'm required to liaise with different departments within the business and this at times could take a big chunk of my time

Pros: Work culture, and great developmental opportunities
Cons: Management styles

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Great learning curve

A typical workday starts on a late evening until the next morning. So I am still learning to finf the balance between working long night hours and creating family time in my schedule.

Pros: Great opportunity for growth
Cons: Night hours

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Excellent learning curve

I I am a fast learner. Currently a Compliance Officer and doing plenty of admin. I deal with people and Vendors on a basis basis. I have been doing customer service for most of my career and love helping and ensuring that customers are happy and satisfied

Pros: Great company and looks after their staff
Cons: Long and unpredictable working hours

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Great experience for a start up company

Been a learning curve working fro the company. Very interesting in terms of management trying to please clients and employees at the same time as demands differ. New environment fro them so business has not developed culture as of yet as management is from India and different structures are used. I have learnt a lot. Customer service as an experience / journey for the agent adn especially the customer.

Pros: opportunities for growth as company is only 1 year old
Cons: Working hours, unbearable, shifts dont rotate adn we work according to uk times

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Not bad but can improve. They expect you to work from 1am the transport picks you up at 10am and than pays you 7k monthly and management's attitude sucks and they have no way of communicating with anyone.

Pros: Great people
Cons: Work too long for to little money

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How to handle myself in a sticky situation

Relationship I have with my co-workers is amazing, yes we do have ups and downs but that actually brings us together and have that strong “family” And Respect towards each other. The environment is very well, with the fact that they have the “open door” policy whereby you can approach your manager and talk to him/her about your personal issues, and maybe get advice from them. I enjoy the environment the most when it comes to where I work, the people are friendly, Everyone is like family.

Pros: Great environment
Cons: Slim chances of promotion

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Excellent experience

The working hours are a bit tricky but okay, the team I was working with was great we had a great time working together. I have learnt a lot in the company mostly about the UK insurance and the culture we are totally different to them. I enjoyed retaining the customer it made my day. The most challenging were clients who werent eligible for discounts and they're premiums couldn't be decreased and we would lose a long term customer.

Pros: Great learning curve
Cons: Long working hours

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Excellent learning curve

Enjoy working with different people. having to flex to different evididuals. I have learned to connect with people on other level. Most challenging part is when you going through personal problems and having to make sure that your customers are happy not having to feel that your mood. Working late shift is a bit changing and working long hours. Having to work weekends and not being paid extra for it.

Pros: No promotion
Cons: Long working hours

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