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Decent opportunities but chaotic, individualised environment

Decent opportunities but chaotic, individualised environment. Too much politics and infighting, leadership not in tune with day to day running of the company and its employees.

Pros: Great flexibility and balance
Cons: No clear lines of progression, lack of transparency

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Excellent interpersonal I am versatile and can work in different areas of law without impediments.

I'm friendly with colleagues, I prefer working in a space where people can share ideas and and work together as a team. y towards colleagues gues, may

Pros: Diversity of the legal departments
Cons: No overtime

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Great exposure into the legal sector

Working at Exigent was great.

Pros: Working hours
Cons: Staff

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Good experience

I have learnt alot at Exigent, my experience includes document review, contract review and consolidation. My computer skills have incresed immensely during my employment at Exigent. I have mantained good relationships with my colleagues and learned how to work with different individuals. I also learned and enjoyed working under pressure to cover project due dates.

Pros: Good for learnong to work under pressure
Cons: Employment is project based, when the project end the employment terminates

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