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Life time experience

Being a buyer at a company which went through business rescue and had to regrow their brand has been a lifetime experience.Apart from the daily tasks of the buying process,as a buyer I had to rebuild relationships with suppliers (old and new) and renegotiate old and new contracts.With the new management team,I could implement new strategies for cost saving and weed out any corruption that existed.Dealing with projects were on going as the plant was one which requires continuous maintenance,this means the projects were planned together with the projects manager and exceeded costs of R10 million,with suppliers from Europe and China.At any given time,we were faced with multiple tasks and deadlines,which never made any day boring.

Pros: Always a new experience or problem to tackle
Cons: Restrictions based on not having too many suppliers on credit.

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Great job thou challenging

It's greate job I enjoy it a lot. My daily tasks are very inclusive . This includes the healthy and safety talks before work starts,technical aspect such as quality check up , oparating the machine, doing the daily performance report and machine mantaince. We work as a team to achieve our daily targets.We talk, communicate, help each other. The lesson I have learnt is that working as a team improves individuals strengths , capacity and capability as a result of that daily mission is easily accomplished. I enjoy sharing our work related views with my teammates of different expiriences in the boardroom. The most challenging aspects is when there are communication breakdown, machine breakdown, targets not achieved.

Pros: Great opportunity for growth
Cons: Long working hours

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