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Procurement Policies and Procedures, Supply Chain Management

Wrote and implemented Procurement and Supply Chain Management Policies and Procedures for the region, Sub-Saharan Africa. In accordance with Global Procedures the documents created for the 3 Legal Entities consisted of Procurement Business Process Policy, Procurement Works Flow, Procurement Authorization Signature Matrix, Vendor Questionnaire, Vendor Approval List, Supply Chain Management, Standard Operating Procedures(Imports and Exports, Clearing and Forwarding, Warhourse Management, Inbound and Outbound Logistics)

Pros: International recognised however the leadership for the region needs to adhere to the global responsibilities
Cons: Global ethics needs to be implemented.

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Good working enviroment, just no room

Excel at coordinating tasks of numerous internal divisions to ensure rapid, accurate delivery of equipment, materials, and resources. Advanced expertise in reviewing invoices and order manifests to ensure full compliance with local Service Provider Standards. Track record of identifying cost reductions and maximizing delivery performance to streamline operations. Proficient in a variety of logistics and supply management software, both proprietary and commercial

Pros: Salary
Cons: No room for growth

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Technologically savvy HR professional

I have acquired experience on the entire HR value chain in SA, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria and slightly in Cameroon. My experience has been from a Japanese, german, American and SA companies. Which make highly versatile. I am strong in HRIS and analytics and regard myself as a strategically tech savvy HR professional, ready for the 4tb industrial revolution. I am currently busy with a PhD in HR Analytics.


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Great learning opportunity

well I get to sit on the computer the whole day and try to help my collegues in everyway I can I am like a team assistance in a way. I have a good relationship with my co-workers we like family we have a relationship outside work. I have learnt so much about the business world, I have travelled as well to meet clients, I have improved in my communication skills and I am more open minded. I enjoyed business trips and mostly being a stand by as a receptionist for months. it wasn't easy at first to talk and ask for help where required. so I battled with a lot of things in the beginning but I managed and working under pressure wasn't my favourite but I managed to find my way on how to deal with things.

Pros: travelling and seeing different places
Cons: too much work

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Large innovative company

most challeging thing about the position is not having control but responsibilities Change is slow and dependant Rrrrrrtrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrtttttttttttrrrr

Pros: Shared services
Cons: Global rules and procedures

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