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I have learned a lot

I am a responsible person, innovative, I own up to tasks delegated to me, I am hardworking, I am able to work under pressure which helps me to get my job done , I have good interpersonal skills , I have good analytical and quality improvement skills , good problem solving skills , I am a team player but also able to work alone effectively and am very organized.

Pros: Career improvement
Cons: Working under pressure

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Great way to work on people skills, you lean how to properly manage time.

My relationship with my colleagues is really well as we work well togetr. We process payments on time for employees and make sure the is still enough money for payments and we make sure that the recruiting process goes well and all employee queries are solved same time and all submissions are sent to head office.

Pros: learning new skills
Cons: under staffed

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It was learning curve for me.

Working for department of health help understand many things about life and people's cultures. And mostly respect each and every individual. The management was great they had time to listen to you and your opinion we taken seriously.

Pros: Great place to work
Cons: Not enough stuff

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Excellent learning curve

I work under a lot of pressure at work. In a very busy Out patient department. I work well with people. I do a lot of work including being a team player.

Pros: There is a lot of skills to aquire
Cons: Long working hours

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