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Operational review of Evander Gold Mines

Typical Work day. - Safety and Production meeting, followed by maintenance, progress monitoring of projects, addressing legal requirements, reviewing of work procedures and standard operating procedures Relationship with co-workers - Excellent relationship with subordinate engineers, foremen and maintenance staff - Good relationship with production personnel. In constant communication with them to ensure that they receive everything the need to achieve targets. What I have learnt. - Never assume that qualified persons know their work - Ensure that communication goes a full circle - People is the company's biggest asset What I enjoy most. - Hands-on problem solving - Being part of project teams - Creative design Most challenging part - Very old mine. All the infrastructure require replacement - Mine layout is difficult with older shafts being closed. Cross-transferring of ore is challenging with numerous potential bottle-necks that could hinder ore flow

Pros: Very good renumeration package.
Cons: Old mine with the infrastructure in a poor state

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Great opportunity to learn

Deal with the daily operations of the plant i.e optimization of the operating conditions, ensuring that the standards are met through Planned Task Observation and plant monitoring. We are a metallurgical team of 4, work well together. Learnt how to deal with different people, how to approach people in order for them to listen and do as you ask them. The most challenging aspect of the job is that when instructing people to do something, some people are difficult they don't want changes. The key point is to have a strategic way of introducing new things. Explaining the reasons for the change and how that will benefit the company does help.

Pros: Great opportunity to understand all the working groups. Learn a lot through projects.
Cons: Security is too tight, cellphones not allowed.

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Innovation and continuous improvement

I have completed my Bachelor’s Degree in Extraction metallurgy at University of Johannesburg and I would I am a person who is inspired by the improvement in technology and innovation and I would like to be involved in metallurgical projects that will benefit the entire country and our economy as well.

Pros: Hard working and find it easy to socialize with people.
Cons: Working in doors and admin work.

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Good working environment

Good working environment. Good interaction between me and other workers (trainees). But growth prospects/promotion almost nil, thus very demotivating.

Pros: great work environment
Cons: Growth and promotion prospects nil.

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