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Excellent achievments

fabulous to work her the people are great and the company is wonderful,i ahve learnt a lot to always put the client first and to remeber that the way i speak to the client that i must keep in mind that im representing the company

Pros: great achiements
Cons: 12 hour shift

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Excellent learning curve

My experiaces with the previous company it had its own challenges inva way that month end it was too busy that you had multi task other things. It was wasy to buil friendship with people as we are close to each other thus it builds team work fast and we helped each other.

Pros: Great opportunity for promotion
Cons: Long hours

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Learning to communicate well and taking peoples lives serious.

i kefilwe ruwele have a good experience in call centre. i worked in a call centre for 1 year. i have good communication skills as i speak with more than 600 clients that need emergency assistance. i become committed to my job and i speak more than 7 official languages of south africa. i work 12 hours per day 15 days per month. i assist clients who need ambulance, police, counselling and fire and rescue. i enjoy learning other languages that i cannot speak. the most challenging aspects its when i speak to a client who does not know the exact location from where they calling from.

Pros: excellent
Cons: basic

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I loved working there

great working oppurtunities great working oppurtunities great working oppurtunities great working oppurtunities v great working oppurtunities great working oppurtunities

Pros: great working oppurtunities
Cons: long working hours

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Always sympathies with clients

working well in a team. one should always put themselves in clients shoe, tone of voice must not be too high nor too low. escalating a call to a service provider makes me fulfilled knowing that I have saved someone's life for a day. challenge about job is the long hours and not enough off days.

Pros: working well in team
Cons: not enough payment and the long hours

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