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Everyday is a new challenge

I enjoy it at Eureka and the profit shares do me good, but I feel I need do go out and learn more and create a bigger experience level for myself. Other than that Eureka is a good place to get well experience in the nailing industry

Pros: Profit share and provident fund
Cons: None

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My current place of work

I start my work at 6:00 am yet find it better to be at work at least 5:30. I work with ladies and guys in a office as we all understand each other but there are those up n downs. one thing I love about my co-workers and myself is that we care about each other in the office, better office space will lead to more productivity. I enjoy the people I work for the fact that when your down they are there so much that if one of the guys or ladies on the floor is not in you will miss them.

Pros: Good space to work in
Cons: no oppertunity for promotions

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