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No growth.

So a typical day at work would start with opening my emails to check if i have any new emails.then i will start getting requests from my co-workers across the entity.mails, printing, internet connection,and passwords issues.i attend and resolve such problems in order and i try to assist as many as i can each day as i am the only IT technician for this big group. I work well with all my colleagues on all levels as i interact with them directly. I have learnt to work independently under pressure.

Pros: flexible working hours
Cons: No growth

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Good company to work for. Lot of exposure.

We work very hard as a team and enjoys spending time with each other, we always team up as one big family. The company has groomed me very well and I am proud to work with such a company even though most of the time we work under pressure but I have learned a lot. Management is always there to guide us and encourages us. The culture of the company is being one as a family and have team buildings often to strengthen the relationships among us. The hardest but possible part was to work extra hard and sacrificing one's time to finish the work needed.

Pros: Relationship strengthening by team building and unity
Cons: None

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