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Experience opportunity

A very good learning experience for engineers with little to no experience, many engineering and science opportunities to help gain experience. A very neat and calm work area.

Pros: Great opportunity for work experience and furthering your studies
Cons: Salary

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Initially a high learning curve, although this flattens as the years go by.

I am currently managing a group of four project engineers. The current company employing me requires the group to obtain electricity cost savings on a large platinum mining company. I have to manage my own time and the engineers working under me to obtain a target savings. I have learned how to manage various engineers and how to initiate projects. I also learned how to train other engineers to initiate and manage various projects. I enjoy to receive targets and achieving these targets as a group, although it is extremely difficult to work with some mining personnel.

Pros: Great first working opportunity
Cons: Long hours, working with difficult mining personnel

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Great learning experience, but also comes at a cost

It's nice being in a vibrant environment, with peers being around the same age as you, but also more senior people with great industry experience and expertise. However, what is not nice is how junior personnel are paid less than the industry average, many of whom often have to go to harsh mining environments, under the guise of a bursary. It is nice having an academic focus. However, not all departments have this focus and in many cases it seems as if academics are just used to drive the business from a clever angle.

Pros: Like-minded and aged peers, all clever engineers
Cons: Sub-marked-related pay, especially if not at the company for very long

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Thinking out of the box

A typical work day is to think outside the box. You constantly have to find savings opportunities to ensure that the company is more cost-effective than the previous year. The working environment is based on teamwork. Every person contributes to the success of the company. New skills and problem-solving techniques are learned during project implementation. I enjoy working in an environment that challenges me (I am energetic and enthusiastic and therefore strives for challenges). The most challenging aspect of my job is to leave my working environment when I know the problem has not been resolved yet.

Pros: My colleagues are my friends
Cons: There is a challenging market and the salary is not suitable

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