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Excellent Business Skills

Its a beautiful company which teaching one lot of trades of business aspects.It prepares & equips one with great business management skills.From marketing the business,administration to managing staff and stock control.

Pros: Great opportunity to learn interaction skills and meet people of all walks of life.
Cons: Limited opportunity for promotion,long hours

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Great learning curve and career foundation building

I love my company and I started my career here. I`m grateful for the learning but have now reached a level where there are no growth opportunities. I moved from Product Manger in South Africa where I was working on 1 brand and moved to the Sub Saharan department where I work on 3 Brands all with 3 categories and or portfolios but I was told it is a lateral move and can`t get compensated. I look after 6 countries (Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Uganda, Angola). I need to move because I`m not compensated fairly and the amount of work I do is a lot and demanding. I work on local strategy development and implementation, pricing, competitor analysis, forecasting and demand planning,I work long hours and I`m really a passionate determined, self motivated individual. I love my co-workers, my department is a great bunch and we get along well like a family.

Pros: Great relationship with co-workers. Started my professional career at this company and they have grown me to this level
Cons: Long hours, working on multiple brand (4) brands with 2 brands having 3 categories each across the African continen. Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Zimbabawe,Zambia, Angola and Uganda at same low salary

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Excellent learning curve

I worked in a good environment that helped me to be able to understand different personality and to know how to approach people with different personality. As a Mall manager it gives an opportunity to understand that stores do not work the same moving from one store to another it really gave me an opportunity to learn, the new ideas on how to help beauty adviser on how to promote, reaching targets maintaining CRM correctly. In a normal day I check CRM , monthly report ,daily sales and sample monitoring form and also ensuring that stocks balances and is available at all times .Respect and try to understand the individuals . I have learned that you can be something or somebody just as long you focus on the tasks and work hard . The most challenging aspects of the job is dealing with a co- worker that approach change in a negative way .

Pros: great opportunity for promotion
Cons: 8 hours

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Great growth opportunity

Estee Lauder offers alot of growth opportunities, however after the company restructuring the work load is unbearable and you barely have a life besides work.

Pros: Great growth opportunities
Cons: No social life

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Great opportunity. Foundation for career growth

I work 5 days in a week, 2 weekends a month. A working day is 8 hours. I have worked late hours and have grown exceptionally over the last year and I am now looking for growth. I have a great relationship with the 2 members in my team. They look to me for guidance and I have shared many words of advice and skills when it comes to work relations. I have learnt major communication skills, and how to deal with various staff and consumer related issues. I've learnt how to plan and implement plans in order to achieve a goal. I enjoy interacting with people and teaching others. The only thing I would change about my job is to be able to have every Sunday off.

Pros: Incentives, gifts, motivation from AE
Cons: Long working hours

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Working on SAP project with Estee Lauder International team

It has been a great experience working for Estee Lauder. One has been exposed and involved in so many projects to name a few below: 1. P2V Project Team Member (Power User) 2. Occupational Health and Safety (Chairman) 3. Health and Safety Auditor 4. SAP Power User (02C) The ream is supportive and amazing and I'm sure that we make a great team. I enjoy working with a committed team (Achieving great results)

Pros: Not in 5 years time
Cons: Knowledge transfer to subordinates not accepting change

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Learning to associate with different people

Working at Estee Lauder Companies has enabled me to get to work with different with people of different characters. And interacting with different customers on a daily basis has been interesting and extremely eye opening because you get to learn about different cultures as you communicate with the customers. A very fast pased environment that needs one to constantly think on their feet. A typical day at work requires sending figures to the relevant people, merchandising of stock and also replenishing and daily communication with customers. The most challenging thing I might say is working in a group at times because of different personalities you find that it's becomes challenging channelling in.

Pros: Great opportunity to meet new people everyday
Cons: Long working hours

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The experience with my company are great, i enjoy stuff benefits and there is a pleasant working

It's a good company however as a working person you look forward into growth and having new challenges that you learn from in becoming a better employee.

Pros: great stuff discounts are given and exposure to great working environment
Cons: we work only 8 hours a day which is relevant to worksman act of south Africa

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Great eye opener

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Pros: Great benefits
Cons: No growth

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Its an amazing company Typical co-operate environment Great co- workers Digital and Online learning E-LEARNING is offered and is amazing Customer Service Global training SAP - trained Warehouse order and planning Online Sales Payment portals Credits and Debits for Online shopping

Pros: Benefits
Cons: No growth

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