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This place sucks!

While working at essential health i have notices managers and supervisors have favourates.we got a 3month contract and within that 3 months we worked like slaves us casuals were watched and monitored and whatever we did wrong was used against us when it came to the time to make us peemanent.Essential health does not look out for there people they only look out for themselves.what they tell u in ur induction day are only the beginning of so many lies.they dont want to make pple permanent because they dnt wnt to pay pple and u stand on ur feet allday to watch there supplys so customers dont steal bt their own employees steals from them do not apply to work their its horrible and the salary is crap

Pros: Coming home early and leaving that place
Cons: Long hours,crappy staff n management standing on ur feet all day when items r stolen u mus pay unfairness unequality

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A typical work day

the management and senior staff think they can run over you as to you have to work there needs and wants accord to when they want to and how they want to

Pros: hours
Cons: salary

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Great learning curve.

At Essential Health Pharmacy I've learned to work with money because I am a cashier and I've also learned to work with people in different kinds of situations with different kinds of people. I've also learnt to work in a team as we are divided into two shifts. Some days were challenging because it doesn't always go the way you expect it to and the managers would suddenly just move you to a different section of the shop to work there for the day. I enjoy working with money and cashing up.

Pros: Exposure to different kinds of people.
Cons: Unreasonable working hours

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