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Excellent in learning, fast thinking

If I could get this position, I will the window big the company, the company will see outside through me, fresh air via me and will benefit a lot through me, am very good in working with team and teach each other something new everyday.

Pros: 90 per 2 weeks
Cons: 90 per 2 weeks

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Exellent learning curve.

It's a challenge at times. It's a great experience to learn to handle working under pressure and deadlines. I it allows you to discipline yourself to be able to get things done without procrastination . You learn to multitask as duties have to include doing most ever Things around the office. Work loads are high and time is a factor. Because of so much chipping in to other functions your work gets delayed and salary is not great for the amount of hours needed. We work from half past seven to six or later so hours are long work weekends. I can say its an overall good experience to get out if a shell and learn to swim. It's just that no appreciation or consideration is given.

Pros: developing skillsets
Cons: long working hours no room for promotion

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