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My current working place is quiet relaxed, not sense of demand. On the daily basis, i work on my websites, updating, new implementations, web app, gather website analysis for manager. I have a professional relationship with my close colleagues, I have learnt GIS (Geographic Information Systems), I knew nothing about this before I can here. I have mostly enjoyed being part of the whole Esri family. The most challenging aspect was the fact that our departmant(Marketing) was new in the company and they have selected from sales and training departments people to work in Marketing. So the challenging part that, I have a Digital Marketing background and they don't. I would find it very challenging to have to teach or explain basic marketing processes.

Pros: I got to learning something new, and made new friend for life
Cons: there is no sense of website need and demand, so I find myself going through a week without having produced anything.

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Excellent platform stinted by miss-management

The company started small and has maintained the small company mentality, not investing in marketing and advertising to ensure that it stays ahead of the competition in the public and online space. They have room for growth, but stinted by executive management not giving department managers the ability to make decisions for the betterment of the company.

Pros: Opportunity to learn and develop myself
Cons: Limited power in decision making regarding marketing initiatives and presenting new ideas or concepts

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Me in a Nutshell

I am efficient, reliable, organised and that makes me professional. I am also motivated, dedicated, persistent and focused. I believe in proving the best service to customers\users. I don’t like come backs, so I make sure the 1st time is done right. I believe in ITIL practices. I am a logical\realistic\simplified\practical thinker and believe to provide a company with quality IT hardware\software, that they need and not to waste money. I like to plan for the future so that a company don’t struggle when there is a disaster. When I do planning I like to do research via the web or ask somebody with knowledge. I am willing to learn and study. I like to work for a company where there are policies and procedures and good communication.

Pros: Reliable and effecient
Cons: Dont know everything in IT

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