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A well motivated individual who is always willing to learn new things.I am hard working and also have ways to multi tusk every tusks given to me with my experience in Production and also worked for 2 years in Quality ,HACCP background i am very much sure that i will be very useful to the company.Considering me to be part of your company you will have no regrets as am very focused when it comes to my work.

Pros: Always willing to learn and grow as a person.
Cons: No problem with working hours as long as the job is done.

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Great learning experience

Work 8 hours a day, willing to go extra mile when need arises. my relationship with my co-workers is excellent we make the best times together, learnt to work under pressure and persevere, working in and as a team I enjoy very much. The most challenging aspects of my job is having a difficult boss who never wants to be told she is wrong.

Pros: great learning curve
Cons: no opportunity of promotion

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Hardworking, dedicated

I'm am a mature single mother of one, I am a very hard worker who is dedicated and punctual. I strive for excellence and perfection, I take pride in what I do. I am a quick learner and have good few years of work experience experience. I love meeting and working with new people and have a vibrant personality. I also work well with all people.

Pros: Diversity, culture of the staff
Cons: Long working hours, workload

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