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Junior HR Practitioner

I am currently working for Eskort Limited as a Junior HR Practitioner reporting to the General manager. I have a very strong administration skills. I am always motivated by giving an excellent service to both internal and external customers. there is a huge improvement since i took over the office when comes to the employer and employee relationship which also includes the union (FAWU). Disciplinary hearing is the most challenge however the process is been handle in a fair manner. i can work well under pressure as that makes me focus on my job the whole day.

Pros: Great opportunities and training and development
Cons: Long working hour and lot of responsibility

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Team work

I was woring closely with quality Co-ordinator reporting to her. I have also learnt more on how team work is iportatant and improving my teamwork abilities.

Pros: very greatwork environment
Cons: lots of overtime

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Dear Mam Thank you for offering me this opportunity I am a self motivated individual who strives to produce exceptional results on all projects allocated to me for implementation. I am a goal driven person, who strives for outstanding outcomes in all I do. I am very conscientious about delivering quality output and adding value on all projects that I form part thereof. I am an organized individual who believes in paying special attention to detail to give quality output and exceptional results, I have good interpersonal and communication skills which enables me to work and communicate well with diverse individuals in the corporate environment. I work well under pressure, I am creative and innovative. I am always willing to learn and enhance my knowledge and development in the work place. I am an assertive individual with high work ethics.

Pros: Great opportunity for growth
Cons: Working in low LSM

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Excellent learning Curve

The organizational culture is very much that of family orientation. Your opinion is important, employees are highly motivated and staff turnover is low.

Pros: Great work life balance
Cons: No support in terms of resources

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Good industrial expertise

Great company with a good cluture, strict on production and yearning excellent to customers satisfaction and standards, long working hours experienced co workers with a mindset for excellent production

Pros: Great experience
Cons: Long working hours

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Just learner

High I am kabelo Thaga I am a quilifeld Fitter and Turner at eskort as maintenance and I enjoy my job all the time especially doing a maintenance are learner a lot to my career because I am loved to be artisan .

Pros: artisan
Cons: 6 to 6 and weekend it's overtime

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Excelent learning curve

I worked different companies doing different jobs.firstly I worked at shoprite DC as general and promoted to a picker.secondly at universal as a machine operator thirdly at Eskort as forklift driver fr 3 years and promoted to a truck driver for 1 to 2 years. I am a hart worker and I like over time.working under pressure is not a problem at all. And I'm ready to work at any time Thank you

Pros: great oportunities for promotion
Cons: long working hours

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Passion for retail

To be the best at what I do and to gain the respect of my employers so that I may be entrusted with projects that require great responsibilities and dedication. I am dependable, accurate and precise in what I do. I enjoy the company of people and can communicate with people from all walks of life.

Pros: Sales driven ti the max
Cons: Not getting to my coals

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Experience in quality checks and chemical analysis of products

I have learnt a lot here at ESKORT LIMITED because they have greatly improved myself as I now able to check the products if it had foreign objects by using metal detector and able to analyise the product samples being made in the chemical laboratory.

Pros: Great opportunity for promotion
Cons: Over time

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planning of the daily production and forecast production is always a challenge as orders keeps fluctuating eg. cancelations and add ons. As I am in a managerial position the work relationship with co-workers is strictly work related as I am in a delegating position but occasionally has to change up my communication style and listen attentively to employees suggestions, comments and complaints. I have gained so much experience regarding lean manufacturing, KPI's, 5s and HACCP procedure, which is now the challenge to incorporate those procedures into the workplace and maintaining and improving on it.

Pros: the oppertunity to grow with the company
Cons: cuurently working permenant nightshift

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