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It wasn't easy but you have to pick up your socks and work hard

Working at the big a company it's a good experience your landlord of things different a stream and it gives you a challenge Cause when you face a challenge you must carry solution by yourself

Pros: Great opportunity
Cons: 12 hours

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Excellent learning curve

I learned to be descisive in complicated situations and to work under pressure during breakdowns because excellent production is what we strive for without loss.maintenance was one of the key point in my learning experience.

Pros: great opportunity for learning
Cons: standby hours

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Mechanical maintenance

I am doing mechanical maintanence as a fitter I did my learnership at Ergo mining under MQA from 2015-2017 February and I started working at Rotek 2017 May .I work under contract so now I want a stable job so that i can do my things nice without worried of job.

Pros: Great opportunity
Cons: Long working hours

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Prons and cons

There is no promotion. We are cleaning under the conveyor belt.there is a lot of dust caused by coal. This coal damage our lungs. We are working short hours. We are working hard at Monday only.

Pros: we have a transport, we have a jacket boots and ppe.we get all the stuff for coffee
Cons: small amount but there is lot of work, no overtime, no promotion.

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Learning curve

Currently working as Production planner, doing estimation , scheduling, creating programs, arrange transport of components. Interact with project managers and site staff to.follow.up on progress. Arrange accommodation for staff traveling to site.

Pros: Performance bonus, training
Cons: Overtime, late nite calls

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Eye opener

I basically enjoy challenging stuff ,i love working with things that needs my higher think. And i also like working as a team , communicating a plan as a team makes the job enjoyeble.

Pros: It was a great curve of learning and making great things i never imagined that I could do
Cons: I loved the team and the working environment

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