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Working at Rotek is a new challenge and I find the job very easy compared to what I was doing at Sasol as an electrical technician. The project I am responsible for are mainly mechanical components from Eskom power generation stations and this is something very new that I am adding to my work experience. The most challenging aspect with my job is mainly the culture and business systems used to support what I am doing as a project manager; somehow I feel there is room for improvement. My salary is great but I do not think long term this where I want to be.

Pros: Positions are vacancy based
Cons: being stuck in the same posetion

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MT 2 PT 2 and UT 2

Performing engineering operations in various areas such as mechanical, metallurgy and measurement technologies. Ideally, knowledge of turbine blades, rotating equipment, boiler plant, materials quality control and generator operations in various Eskom power stations. Acquiring more skills and in-depth knowledge on the Science of material has made me to become an effective Non-Destructive Quality Personnel. Strong communication skills and experience in Quality Auditing, non-conformance reporting and corrective action implementation. Quality Assurance Technicians act as monitors to enforce the inspection. Understand assignments carried out to the highest quality level. Disseminate quality culture to other employees. I have acquired a lot of skills through my current company.

Pros: Training and development
Cons: a lot of restructuring

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Decent company to work for

Overall Good rating ................................................................................................................................................................................................

Pros: Opportunity to learn a lot
Cons: Future not looking too good for Eskom as a whole

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Looking for a growth and I'm currently unemployed

I obtained red seal a year ago,im a strong electrician who is able to meet strick deadlines without compromising on quality,now I'm unemployed an was working for eskom rotek industries cabling department,in my present capacity I was working as an assistant electrician. My strongest attribute includes and identify unsafe electrical situations and unsafe conditions at work place or plants or at site,as a former safety health and environmental representative.

Pros: Eager to learn and be productive
Cons: Have ability to work under pressure and long hours or overtime

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Excellent company to work in

Its a great company.I work in the construction department where I assisted with switchgear panel installation,with wiring of arc protection as well as bus-wiring, I used to do the reports using Excel and received training in planning department.

Pros: Great opportunity to be promoted
Cons: Working on weekends

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Better oppertunities

Compilation of SHE files and tender files  Development of SHE plans, EMPr, waste management plans  Developing Environmental and safety management systems

Pros: great exposure
Cons: long working hours

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Career progress

I would like to be in a new challenging environment . .

Pros: Great productivity
Cons: Repetitive work

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Excellent learning experience

On a single day we work to reach our target, the environment is a very good one because everyone I work with is ready to deliver as expected. I have learned that key to prosperity lies within self control and self motivation. I enjoy having to meet what is expected of me. When I am working and things do not -go according to my plans I find that challenging a lot. rget

Pros: Best experience in working experience
Cons: Nothing

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Excellent working environment

incredible workinEskom Rotek Industries is an incredible engineering company to work for the reputation speaks for themselves, as an individual I have managed to fit in well from the first day, I have learned so much and grown in my line of work as a safety officer.g environment

Pros: Great opportunity to grown and learn
Cons: incredible

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Work environment is very professional and they treat workers with respect.

It is very nice working for the company as the working environment is accommodating to all the workers. My working relationship with my colleagues is professional and treat each other with respect, we share the information with one another where necessary. The safety of employees is of paramount to the company. I have leaned a lot as my career with the company. I am very passionate about my work as I get to offer help to employees and support management where needed.

Pros: Career growth
Cons: New environment

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