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Working at Rotek is a new challenge and I find the job very easy compared to what I was doing at Sasol as an electrical technician. The project I am responsible for are mainly mechanical components from Eskom power generation stations and this is something very new that I am adding to my work experience. The most challenging aspect with my job is mainly the culture and business systems used to support what I am doing as a project manager; somehow I feel there is room for improvement. My salary is great but I do not think long term this where I want to be.

Pros: Positions are vacancy based
Cons: being stuck in the same posetion

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Decent company to work for

Overall Good rating ................................................................................................................................................................................................

Pros: Opportunity to learn a lot
Cons: Future not looking too good for Eskom as a whole

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Slow due to financial constraints

typical work day is slow due to unavailability of resources. Great communication skills among co-workers as well as healthy working environment. Safe working environment

Pros: great working culture
Cons: slow working pace

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Career progress

I would like to be in a new challenging environment . .

Pros: Great productivity
Cons: Repetitive work

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Looking for a growth and I'm currently unemployed

I obtained red seal a year ago,im a strong electrician who is able to meet strick deadlines without compromising on quality,now I'm unemployed an was working for eskom rotek industries cabling department,in my present capacity I was working as an assistant electrician. My strongest attribute includes and identify unsafe electrical situations and unsafe conditions at work place or plants or at site,as a former safety health and environmental representative.

Pros: Eager to learn and be productive
Cons: Have ability to work under pressure and long hours or overtime

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Growth opportunities

II have been in corporate for almost 20 years. I have learned a lot and do have a lot of expewrineceI am not able to see the text nor am i able to view what i am typing. I thingk there is sometning wwrong with the feature.

Pros: The enviroment is open for growth
Cons: Not enough motivation

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Excellent learning experience

On a single day we work to reach our target, the environment is a very good one because everyone I work with is ready to deliver as expected. I have learned that key to prosperity lies within self control and self motivation. I enjoy having to meet what is expected of me. When I am working and things do not -go according to my plans I find that challenging a lot. rget

Pros: Best experience in working experience
Cons: Nothing

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Excellent working environment

incredible workinEskom Rotek Industries is an incredible engineering company to work for the reputation speaks for themselves, as an individual I have managed to fit in well from the first day, I have learned so much and grown in my line of work as a safety officer.g environment

Pros: Great opportunity to grown and learn
Cons: incredible

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Better oppertunities

Compilation of SHE files and tender files  Development of SHE plans, EMPr, waste management plans  Developing Environmental and safety management systems

Pros: great exposure
Cons: long working hours

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Job Description

I am contracts administrator at Eskom Rotek Induatries under Kusile My day to day work is make follow up with Sub-contractors that is: CE,s are paid Correctly recorded on SAP

Pros: I would like to have a skill & understand my job therefore when opportunities rises i will grab it.
Cons: i used to work long hours at Kusile Power station that will be great and advantage for your organisation.

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